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  1. Too Early For RB Betts

    If your still focusing on a RB, the name that jumped out to me is Vernand Morency. I believe he is slated to be the starter this year pending training camp and competition from Jackson. I would seriously consider another starting RB at this point if your sold on going RB. Although in your situation, I would probably start locking up WR's and come back to back up RB's later.
  2. Report: Decision to Cut Vick due This Week

    My guess is that he remains a Falcon and the league suspends him for 8 games.
  3. McCardell signs with HOU

    If he has anything left in the tank then this is a good signing for Houston. Of course I thought Moulds was a good signing for Houston as well.
  4. Another "who do I keep"

    Great advice!! Thanks guys. Each player I keep I lose a draft pick. I really like my roster from last year and believe it is absolutely worth keeping 4 this year. This is a 12 team league and everyone is starting to get on the bandwagon of drafting RB's. Any team that doesn't have 4 players prior to the "regular draft" participates in an expansion draft until complete. Than eveyone gets together and drafts via serpentine. I will have the last pick esentially in the 5th round. I'll have to wait and see what is picked up to figure out my draft strategy, but QB will definitly be 1st priority with another RB not far behind. The one thing I keep thinking about is that last year I also had Baltimore's D. They were huge for me last year. I'd like to draft them early 6th just to have them again this year.
  5. Fairly standard scoring. 6pt. rush/rec. TD's, 4pt. passing TD's. Some bonuses for yardage, but not much. QB's tend to do fairly well in this league, (last year I traded away Wayne 15pts p/game for Kitna 20 pts p/game). I know it sounds crazy, but Kitna really helped me win this league last year. Anyway, I can keep up to four players. Potential keepers are the following: Kitna (strongly considering) LT (no brainer) Ced. Benson (strongly considering) B. Jacobs (on the fence) J. Norwood (on the fence) Harrison (strongly considering) Owens (on the fence) I'm leaning toward LT, Benson, Harrison, and Kitna, but I'm also thinking about LT, Benson, Harrison, and Owens. Thoughts?
  6. I didn't know retired and traded players could still count against a team's cap. Interesting read!!!
  7. Thoughts on this trade

    Clayton is becoming a very good receiver. He is one that is being way undervalued this year. Perhaps not as good as Walker, but not as far off as people think. I expect Branch to have a nice season this year. He will be the #1 option and will have a much better understanding of the offense after a full year of training camp under his belt. I think I make this trade and look for Curry to have a decent season this year as well.
  8. Brandon Jacobs

    I agree. He's the prefect high risk high reward type of player that I would go after as my 2nd or 3rd RB depending on how large the league is.
  9. Chiefs QB Issue

    Meh......I'll reserve judgement on this until the preaseason is almost over. We'll see how good a QB he actually is.
  10. lynch or peterson

    That's a tough call. Since you said it's a keeper league, I'd go with Peterson as I think 2 years from now when he doesn't share the ball that much, he will be fantasy gold. Not sure if Lynch can live up to Peterson's potential.
  11. Donkeys sign DT Sam Adams

    Now that was funny!!
  12. Pitt or Jax

    I honestly have no idea, I just voted for Jax. to see if it would get Menudo's panties all bunched up....... To bad though, as he's taken the high road. Maybe next time.
  13. Pick a RB

    That's kind of what I was thinking except Norwood will get more receptions, while I think Jacobs will get more TD's. For some reason I'm just a little leary about Jacob's, perhaps it's all the talk about how he can't hold up for a full season. So far the vote is very close and opinions here are also close. HMMMMMMMMM.......
  14. Pick a RB

    Hmmmm...I kind of thinking that Norwood gets 60% vs. Dunn getting 40%. Now this is based on nothing but just a hunch that Dunn is starting to slow down. I think that Norwood is much more of a breakaway threat than Jacobs, but may not get the opportunities.
  15. Jake Delhomme

    Last year was a fluke for Delhomme. KJ was not as good as advertised and therefore was never in sync with Delhomme all year. Plus the fact that the running game went nowhere and 2 linemen got hurt early in the season. Most QB's would've struggled last year. IMO he is going to be drafted much later than he is worth and could end up being the #1 QB on a fantasy team. If you can wait and get him in the 7th/8th rnd, then he will be more than worth it.