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  1. Enough with all the optimism...

    Funny thing about that is a few years out is about when you will probably start to see Hutch lose a step.
  2. D.Jackson to 49ers for a 4th rounder

    I think you are pretty spot on Sky. A couple of notes: 1) Where Branch was disappointing from a receiving skill perspective, he brings an winning attitude. At the end of the KC game last year, after Wallace threw an interception, it was Branch who chased down the ball and got it back. That is a play that is made on attitude, and a play the Seahawks don't usually make. 2) I think you shouldn't under value Burelson's impact on special teams. I he ends up being a serviceable receiver and continues to perform on special teams, then I think he lives up to what he got (the true value of the contract, not the over inflated 7 year total.)
  3. D.Jackson to 49ers for a 4th rounder

    For this move to have been made my guess is Jackson told the Hawks, with out making it public, that he wasn't going to play next year with out a new contract. This meant it was either release him, or get something for him, no matter how bad the deal might look. Here's to hoping he doesn't lose his tendency to drop important catches. Also, wonder what the cap implications are?
  4. 2007 Seahawks schedule

    Why don't you post the Steelers schedule here too? Just in case I can't find it in the other 5 thread.
  5. DJax out in Seattle?

    Can we at least spell it correctly? Zeppelin. And while the really pushed the boundaries in some places, they definitely maintained the Rock n Roll and blues roots that a lot of the metal bands abandoned.
  6. DJax out in Seattle?

    Unless he slips on returns as well they won't cut Burleson until the big money starts to become due. He is a serviceable WR, but he greatly improved Seattle's return game. edit: should have read Seahawks21's last post before posting.
  7. Breaking News

    A 4 game suspension is definitely coming. He had to be drunk or high to sign that contract.
  8. Dielman back to San Diego

    Eh, if other Californians take the cue and stay down there because of the rain then it was a good deal for the Seattle area to
  9. What a game

    Alexander carried the team through a lot of this game. But I have to agree with the previous comment, how does he pull him self out after one 10 yard run on the first drive of OT. Hasselbeck was getting into a good rythm, then threw that interception, and just wasn't able to get it going again after that.
  10. Cowboys / Seahawks game thread

    Yeah, I actually like the safety over the TD. Gave Seattle 2 points and the ball in great field position to try and take the lead (of course if they hadn't done exatly that I would probably be cursing having that TD reviewed and turned to a safety this morning.)
  11. Cowboys / Seahawks game thread

    What was really poor on the Seahawks part was the defensive play calling on the Cowboy's final drive (not including the hail mary play.) With 4 minutes left, playing that vanilla conservative defense is only going to get you a Cowboy score with very little time left on the clock. Go after them... yeah they may score, but then at least you have time left to try and do something on offense with out being in panic mode. And you may actually get a few sacks, or a mistake that becomes a turn over.
  12. These mocks are making me sick!

    Not saying that Burelson was a good signing at the price (even though the contract is really about mid-range in disguise) but he has been extremely valuable on special teams. Seattle was pathetic on both kick off and punt returns, and now he is doing both with great success.
  13. Seattle Starting Cornerbacks

    Look at the bright side... maybe they can luck into finding somebody who doesn't give up 3-4 big plays a game.