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  1. Pick up Osborn, period. normally I would say Pollard but Washington’s D can be real stingey and you don’t wanna run that risk this week.
  2. Did I make the right call at WR?

    I think I would go green here TBH, he was the best WR last week, with all 3 of them playing. I know Kirk slides into a better role and can play the slot but teams tend to sleep on Green more than they do with Kirk, plus you have to figure the target share is spread between Ertz, Connor, and a returning Edmonds. I think that Green may be the safer and better play this week. But that’s just me.
  3. Overthinking in the playoffs

    Sutton is useless @ this point IMO. -between the way DEN is running the ball, Jeudy and Patrick and Fant and Albert O(who are splitting snaps) I can’t see him being much more than a fluke go off that you can’t predict. Edmonds may have lost the starting job the way Conner has been playing. Even if it becomes a split backfield, Conner is gonna get the goal line and majority. So unless Edmonds shows you something and then game plan changes? You don’t need to play him. Michel is something only if Henderson don’t go(I have both guys, waiting IMPATIENTLY on that decision) and even if they may not use him like they did 2 weeks ago, and more like last week. Serviceable @ flex but low floor high ceiling. KJ HAS BEEN GOINF HAM, ride the hot hand, nothing about his game recently should make you question that. HOPEFULLY you didn’t start Williams as he shat the bed. I’m playing someone this week who did just that and unless he gets a godlike score from someone he is gonna be eliminated(or I manure the bed just as bad as Williams did)
  4. KJ has been a MONSTER, I would play him. And I agree about Gaskin if he can play. But I think that you should look into St.Brown if you are playing in a PPR League cause his targets are wild RN. So, if gaskin CANT GO, throw St.Brown in especially if it’s a PPR League
  5. IF Henderson can’t go this week against Seattle should I play: Michel as his replacement in the game Bourne against an Indy team that has played very well defensively or Lazard, since the Baltimore D over the last few weeks has been very generous to wideouts, and they are without one of their best CB’s the rest of the season. *also, my 2nd flex spot is occupied by Gallup, if you think anyone should get a play over him, I’m all ears as well. 12 team PPR, 3rd seed in the playoffs, one of only 6 teams playing.
  6. Rb decision

    Def go JRob, at the very least you will get good flex, low RB 2 #s out of him and it will give you time to either see what Kamara is gonna be able to do coming back and playing w/Hill, or if he produces, look to move him and sell high for a huge upgrade in your team because Mattison is gonna be solid for the next 2 weeks easily. your best case scenario here IMO, both Mattison and Kamara produce, you can sell high on Mattison while he is in that position, and play Kamara week after, or just do the same but swap the player because you have Mitchell and JRob.
  7. Week 15 DST

    I am starting Miami. They been on a TEAR recently. And I think that they are an AT LEAST safe bet.
  8. TY. I am shaky about my WR’s but I am super confident in my RB’s. If I stay still tho I think I would be fine. Just can’t afford LOW games. At least 10-15 per guy would make up for the lack of big time production
  9. bruh I wouldn’t sell Fournette for anyone. He is playing great football, and on a team like they have, he is catching the ball, and they usually play with a lead, so he is running all day. PLUS, the cold weather games it benefits a team from Florida to have a great run game to slow the pace down. This is why I’m worried about Gronk because the second best option for cold weather games aside of a power run game with good hands on the RB is a solid HUGE TE to get the ball too. It’s such a hard predicament. I just believe in Fournette so hard. It’s not even a Bias because of him being on both of our teams. I don’t trust Jacksonville, and I don’t know what to do with Zeke. The Mattison/Cook thing is interesting tho because, kind of like Zeke and Pollard they both seem to produce when both play tho obviously one will do better than the next. That is probably your best bet to get a BIG TIME receiver. The upside is too great. And if Zeke can return to form, you would be set.
  10. 2 for one Trade Advice PLZ HELP!

    Yea this is my fear. If either (god forbid) Mixon or Fournette go down suddenly I’m thin at RB. But I don’t feel confident in JUST Dionte or Godwin with Godwin’s #’s potentially going down with how effective Fournette has been and then AB coming back and then Gronk coming back. So, my logic here is “AJ Brown out, and has not had a stellar season, and 2 WR2’s, getting chase could be a great move” but I’m really nervous. Lol
  11. Bruh I feel your pain RN. Lost CMC for the year. Have Mixon, Henderson and Fournette. Also have Godwin, Gallup, Dionte and AJ brown. So CMC and Brown go down (brown looks like 3 weeks out) and I’m offered a trade of Godwin and Henderson for Ja’Mar Chase. And I feel like once Brown comes back, one of them would end up on a bench whereas I can flip Godwin who had a down week, plus AB coming back and Gronk back and add in Henderson for a good option at Chase. Making me super strong at WR, and incredibly solid at RB for the Playoffs with Fournette and Mixon. So I feel in the same boat. for me, I like flipping either Mattison/Cook or JRob for a WR. Zeke is too big a possible piece even if Pollard is killing it to move off of. And Fournette has been a stud. But it all depends on who it is you are getting TBH. Because you have a solid set of WR’s. It’s tough. But I think that maybe Moving JRob for someone like, Mooney is possible. But if you want a bigger WR you may have to move Zeke and throw in like, Gallup. Sutton is useless unless you just want bench depth. But I can’t see him getting a start anytime soon.
  12. Owner wants to trade me Ja’Mar Chase and I send him Darrell Henderson and Chris Godwin. 12 Team PPR. the rest of my team (for context) is: QB:TB12 RB:Mixon, Fournette, CMC (IR out for Season), L.Murray. WR: Dionte Johnson, AJ Brown(IR), Gallup, Kirk, Pascal TE: Fant, Conklin ANY advice here would be helpful. Because I feel like I wanna pull the trigger but I also don’t know.
  13. 3-1 trade…🧐🤔

    You know something, I will lol
  14. Lockett for AJ Brown

    I would hold brown because Tennessee has really good matchups coming end of season. That’s why I’m not trying to move him myself or else those 2 big games wouldn’t have secured a spot for him this year at this point
  15. 3 RBs -- pick 2

    I would agree here, even if Peterson takes some snaps and goal line touches, may even snipe a TD, I feel like Foreman is getting the bulk and I like his volume. And Connor is no question at this point IMO