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  1. I'm on espn. Last week, espn allowed taysom hill to play as a tight end. I already moved him to the bench but I was wondering what would happen if I didn't move taysom hill from the tight end spot. I know it will not allow you to make any edits to your roster if you dont
  2. Pick 3. Please help.

    Also forgot to add montegomery
  3. Standard scoring James Robinson, ekeler, swift, zeke Julio Jones, Dionte johnson
  4. Hock and Godwin for Kelce

    Probably won't. I was wonder if yal thought it would be a reasonable offer
  5. Hock and Godwin for Kelce

    Lockett, k Allen, Claypool, Pittman
  6. 1 ppr. He needs a second wr bad.
  7. Cindy vs wash Rams vs tampa bay Vikings against Dallas Which