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  1. missed practice. Had him at the FLX. My other options... S. Shepherd against Arizona R. Gage against the Chargers Jeudy against the Panthers Last but not least, Goedert. Been hearing Braxton Berrios being mentioned a lot with him replacing Crowder, Darnold loving to throw to the slot, and facing Seattle’s secondary. He is also available in my league. Thanks.
  2. Pick my FLX

    Crowder, Shepherd or Jeudy
  3. Tonyan or Goedert?

    First week of the playoffs. Leaning heavily towards Tonyan but any of you going with Goedert with Hurts starting?
  4. Would you make any changes? I have to win this week to make the playoffs. PPR Current Lineup QB Matt Ryan/Ryan Tannehill (undecided) RB Ekeler, Giovani Bernard WR Hopkins, Metcalf TE Tonyan/Goedert (undecided) FLX Shepherd DEF Packers K Bass Would go with Shepherd vs terrible Seahawks secondary but Colt McCoy scares me. Swap him out? My options... Crowder Henderson JR Damien Harris Jeudy Mims Please help me on my flex and any other advice you may have. Thanks....
  5. Pick my QB

    Must win, and I’m in. Matt Ryan vs Saints (potential shootout?) or Ryan Tannehill vs Browns
  6. Win or Go Home TE

    Win and I’m in. Goedert or Tonyan
  7. Crowder or Jeudy?

    Crowder facing Chargers & their 7th ranked defense. Jeudy facing Dolphins and their 17th ranked defense.
  8. Hooper or Goedert?

    Both playing in the same game. Who are you going with? I have Goedert in right now but I just keep having an uneasy feeling about it.