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  1. Watson news - won't face criminal charges

    I'm looking forward to this issue being done with. Whether he plays or they take him out back and shoot him I don't care. Obviously the guy has problems with social mores, I can't see why Cleveland took that risk. They make a lot of bad decisions, so at least now they're all in good company.
  2. Late Late Round Sleepers

    I'm sure they already do. I would target Philips at his ADP before Burks as I don't think he'll measure up. Also, TN is not good about the long ball and I suspect Burks' YAC will be low. Medically, the dude probably has severe allergies exacerbating his asthma. I hope team docs are smart enough to have him tested and treated. If that is the case, year 2 or 3 could be a lot better.
  3. Rookie RB's and a few other question marks

    For this season I'll only be looking at RB rookies that fall below their ADP. Hall is the only rookie that I think had star potential, but he's on the Jets and their offensive line is going to be tested hard for the first half of the season. From the dynasty perspective, I'm sure Hall will be taken in the first round of the rookie draft and if things go as I expect, I'll look to trade peanuts for him mid way through the season.
  4. If you build it, they will come.
  5. This blew my mind when I read it. Overturning a law that spanned 49 years. From what I understand, while quite a few states will enact stricter laws or ban it completely, many states will still allow abortion with laws/guidelines relatively unchanged. I do wonder how much of an increase we'll see in the pediatric medicaid population. This is defintely going to affect those in poverty a lot more.
  6. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    The BA.4 and BA.5 strains appear to be able to infect cells despite vaccine status and despite recent Omicon infection with the earlier strains. We're basically going to see geographical waves of infections thoughout the country this summer. And the people getting these variants have more flu like symptoms with headaches, congestion, etc that lasts about a week. It's still a little bitch of a virus and it's still going to screw up the economy. China did a great job with this one.
  7. https://www.wnfcfootball.com/
  8. Free Agency Tracker

    I just have to ask, when they write these contracts do they anticipate not paying them out since a lot of it isn't "guaranteed money?" I'm curious because I don't understand how we can pay a football team more than most corporations?
  9. Anyone still have Long Covid symptoms?

    That is not accurate. We were putting 30 year olds on ECMO and watching a lot of people die in the ICU with the initial alpha strain. My friend had it 2 years ago. He is a former Marine, a ghost of his prior self and on the liver transplant list thanks to the cytokine storm that Covid induced. We were seeing those issues daily. After the vaccine became common, the disease severity dropped dramatically. It doesn't prevent the virus. It reduces the risk of contracting it and significantly reduces the risk of severe infection. Covid is somewhat unique in that it can damage almost any organ system in the body. On that last note, and to the initial question, I had the alpha variant in Oct 2020. Before Covid I had a heart rate in th 60's and could run a sustained 8 min mile. After Covid my heart rate was often in the 100-120 range and when I ran I could hit 190's. That finally returned to normal after 6 months but I haven't been able to get my sustained pace below the 10 min mark. Short runs down below a 9 min pace lead to air hunger, which I never experienced before Covid. Unfortuantely at 48 I'm not sure I'll ever get back to where I once was.
  10. Using Yahoo FF offseason possible?

    I was able to renew the league and get in. Oddly I couldn't see it from my dashboard menu and had to go through the generic yahoo FF football menu.
  11. Treylon Burks

    I'll buy you two. We have some good craft breweries.
  12. Best Ball leagues

    Oh, I misunderstood when he mentioned playing in the summer. For me the management is the best part since I overthink everything. I got bored with prior redraft leagues, and then sad when the season ended if I had to say goodbye to a stellar team.
  13. Treylon Burks

    Middle TN is worse for a few reasons - a wide variety of both northern and southern allergens, highly variable weather with frequent barometric swings (bad for those sensitive to pressure and also an issue with recurrent pollen dumps) and the worst problem: the basin effect. Basically crap just lingers here longer so instead of a pollen blowing out, it settles. Then the nice green lawns get mowed and kick it all up to ciculate some more. Oh, and molds here are terrible but even people without mold allergies are often more miserable here than anywhere else they've lived.
  14. Best Ball leagues

    How is it played year round? I know nothing about them
  15. Treylon Burks

    Asthma in middle TN (and associated allergies) sucks. I've had plenty of patients move out of the region for their health. Someone should send him to an ENT.