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  1. Titans first rounder arrested

    In case anyone wants an Aston Martin, he's selling his. https://www.velocitymc.com/vehicle-details/2020-aston-martin-db11-amr-coupe-08b4e74e54a145a3980a6c8aa36cae76
  2. Mike Evans done?

    Yeah, the guy that I traded him to won the league as a result. And I'm in... 10th lol. But, I got Thomas in the trade so I think I'll get the better end of the deal in 2021.
  3. Man, I'm glad I don't have to apologize for all the trips I made to the strip clubs at that age, lol.
  4. A few random questions

    We'll likely find out. I can't imagine he'll be playing there next year. So glad I picked up Hurts a couple weeks ago to add to my rookie QB roster (Herbert, Burrow, Tua and now Hurts). Wentz was my last veteran until I let him go for Hurts.
  5. A few random questions

    He's glued to the pocket and doesn't release the ball fast enough. He makes poor decisions under stress. He's not that accurate. And when he does get out of the pocket his numbers are actually worse.
  6. 10th place is the first draft pick Funny thing, in our dynasty league my son and I are 9th and 10th. We've both been not trying too hard for the last 3 games since making the playoffs became mathematically impossible. Both of us accidently won a gam so we're both 3-10. We face off in week 14, lol. But it's dynasty so we're playing our prospective next year studs. Go Tua (not really, take it light brother).
  7. I'll admit, it can be hard to be a Commish and have to make decisions that benefit one person and screw another. This year has been especially challenging. I agree with everyone else in this case though, failure to prepare is preparing to fail and that's on your opponent.
  8. Dynasty Holds for 2021

    I'm in the same boat with a 2-x record. I have Reagor, Moss, Gaskin. Unfortunately, all of the others are rostered. Still looking for the hidden gold but it's been pretty anemic this year.
  9. Who's your personal FF MVP?

    My team is full of studs who turned to inconsistent duds. Best answer, NO defense
  10. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    Just about every stud I've ever had has been injured to the point it cost me the win. Overall most points from a single player over multiple seasons is probably Antonio Brown. Killers are too numerous to count but my team name became Gimps and Bitches since they were all broken and hold outs
  11. Bears trade up to draft Trubisky

    Yeah, I'm confused
  12. Crappy Commissioner

    This is a big issue with Yahoo, at least for iPhone users. We've had players not show up on rosters and roster updates fail to go through so I have to go back and change team's players. I use the regular site on my phone.
  13. Kickers ranking and streaming strategy

    We abolished that position and everyone is happier for it
  14. Mike Evans done?

    Now that Gronk is well integrated and Godwin is back to full speed, Evans' targets have plummeted. With Antonio coming, which was apparently all Brady, I wonder if Evans' snap count will fade to WR5 levels. Since Arians isn't a fan of AB, I'm guessing Evans won't be traded. Not sure what to do with him in my dynasty league. This whole situation sucks.