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  1. Is this trade veto able?

    If we come together as one, look what is cape able.
  2. Is this trade veto able?

    Agreed, we are all account able. Maybe change the rules and any repeat of a word previously used is punish able?
  3. Is this trade veto able?

    @Bobby Brown is blame able.
  4. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Preach brother!
  5. Zeke Trade? Is it worth it?

    I like the trade. The Dallas offense is moving and Zeke is catching passes.
  6. CMC for Najee?

    Who in their right mind would accept that trade? Is this what you're thinking about offering or has this been sent to you?
  7. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Happy Birthday! @rajncajn
  8. Nick Chubb ruled out week 7 TNF game

    I own Chubb and Hunt
  9. Is this trade veto able?

    WTF able? Wait!
  10. Is this trade veto able?

    Maybe lay out your concerns.
  11. Down goes K. Hunt

    In a high stake league I own Wilson, Chubb, and Hunt. I started out 3-0 and now I'm 3-3. Hunt fell to me at 6.5 so I couldn't pass the value.
  12. Down goes K. Hunt

    Crap! I own Chubb and Hunt in two leagues. Wow!
  13. Milk Carton-Week 6

    I don't think it's a coincidence that it happens when Higgins came back, too many mouths to feed.
  14. Week 6 Chat

    Yup! There's something genetic with those Diggs hands!
  15. Week 6 Chat

    Diggs for MVP!