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  1. RIP Vincent Jackson

    Truer words have never been spoken.
  2. RIP Vincent Jackson

    That's fair TMZ, but this is clearly different and you know it. But it's fair to use my words against me here.
  3. RIP Vincent Jackson

    You know this is different from Mr. TMZ giving us gossip like we're checking out in the grocery store.
  4. RIP Vincent Jackson

    Wow. I remember his Charges and Buccaneers days. This is sad news.
  5. These type of posts do nothing for the site because it has nothing to do with fantasy football. He's not even in the league anymore. It takes our discussion to places it doesn't need to go.
  6. Incredible Brady Stats

    Maybe he's just good at drawing flags, like NBA fouls.
  7. Superbowl viewership was down sharply

    This is perfect! I was in awe of his throws and accuracy. If a few of those were caught, we would have more appreciation for those throws.
  8. Superbowl viewership was down sharply

    I think all the variables people mention are valid and they all contribute to decline. If I was not a hardcore fan, I wouldn't give two sh^%s about the Superbowl, there are too many pressing issues happening. But I think all of the following contribute and not one reason is really dominating: low morale in the country pandemic people can't gather together, friends or family (Superbowl parties have always been tradition) bars and restaurants aren't open social justice tone from the first commercial limited fans allowed in the stadium small market teams awful game
  9. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    I'm familiar with the Weeknd because the kids listen to contemporary pop, but they've done a poor job of appealing to the football fan bases with the some of these half time shows. I would be curious how people would respond to the Eagles or Doobie Brothers.
  10. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    I agree with this. It can also be argued that some of the questionable calls changed the momentum of the game, especially the PIs and holdings. But KC didn't do anything except have Mahomes look like Steph Curry shooting off balance 3s. Most of the calls were in the first half. But TB's defense was dominant the ENTIRE game, and they just gave them an old fashion butt kicking.
  11. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Brady is really challenging Ali, Ruth, Jordan and etc. as the greatest athlete. The only thing holding him back is that football is such a team sport, but he's in that tier now.
  12. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    I never said I liked it or didn't like it Mr. "I know you are, but what am I?" champion.
  13. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    All I know is that Pizza Hut paid a lot for commercials.
  14. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Then don't watch.
  15. He did, but so did Herbert. Like I said, we've seen rookie WRs put up big numbers. These seasons are exceptionally rare for rookie QBs. And in these situations when its neck and neck, the award will always go to the QB.