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  1. Only other caveat is this is a salary dynasty LG. Ertz has 1 yr left for 8M. Engram has 2 yrs left for 4M. I can extend Ertz or franchise him but he will be expensive. I am in a position to win now. Hold Engram or go for it and get Ertz?
  2. Theilen is the safe bet and good choice also.
  3. I agree. It depends if you adhere to a handcuff strategy or not, some are very opposed, but at this value you have a potential top 5 rb. Take Henderson at 6.11 to hedge your bet or 7.02 if you want to chance it. He should be there if you're drafting now.
  4. Trade Engram + 20 2nd for Ertz? PPR

    Thanks for the validation.
  5. 2nd Pick of the draft PPR

    Bark Zeke Kamara CMC for me In that order as of now, but that could change tomorrow. Really can't go wrong with any of them.
  6. Am I Overthinking?

    what everyone else said.
  7. Keeper Chubb or K Allen?

    I'm on the Chubb train. Whoop Whoop
  8. Keeper Help needed

    Those are all good, but think I would go A Jones in the 5th. This gives you tons of flexibility in the draft since you have a RB1/2 and QB locked up.
  9. Tyreek Hill

    I'm on the Kelce side as well. More info can come out and the NFL can always revisit so he's not entirely out of the woods yet. Also, there is a chance KC could trade Hill, they don't mess with this kind of stuff and depending on where he goes could also change his value. I'd pull the trigger. Or counter with jsut Hill for Kelce and the draft picks if you are high on Lindsay and Campbell.
  10. Keeper help unsexy choices

    Woods no brainer. I would also consider Kelce.
  11. Trade Engram + 20 2nd for Ertz? PPR

    Well I accepted. Grade the trade.
  12. 16 team dynasty lg ppr. I countered with 2.12 and a 20 2nd, but still have his original offer on the table if he doesn't accept. Should I take the deal?
  13. He declned the 2 2nds. Still have 1.08 and 2020 2nd on the table though for Hunt and Boyd.
  14. Chris warren vs yeldon

    tough to say until we see what Oakland does at the RB position and where Yeldon lands.