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  1. NY Giants - Philadelphia Eagles Game Thread

    and Tiki goes BOOM. These Giants can look excellent to pathetic from play to play, let alone series to series.
  2. NY Giants - Philadelphia Eagles Game Thread

    3 and out... on a sack...lookie lookie here... we got a game.
  3. NY Giants - Philadelphia Eagles Game Thread

    It's early but I like to see that the Gmen came to play today. No coming out flat in this one.
  4. The horror that is the Bells in Denver

    I think they are both healthy. It sounds like Shannahan would say Tatem is the starter. Before last Sunday Tatem had several nice games in a row, and then Sunday he gets yanked and Mike gets all the goal line. It's a complete tossup as to who gets the #'s as far as I can tell. If Mike is the goal line guy, he seems like the safer play imo, but who knows. He could easily get 25 yards and no goal looks while Tatem gets 25 carries and 110 yards.
  5. The horror that is the Bells in Denver

    No Waiver Wire pickups at this point. I lost Kev Jones a couple weeks ago which is why I'm f'd. I also have: -Mike Turner -Justin Fargas No wire options. Have to start 2 RB's... It's Tomlinson AND who???
  6. The horror that is the Bells in Denver

    Wow, consensus for Tatem... it's such a tough call. If he sees little or no goal line looks, then it's all about yardage... I'm really torn here.
  7. Is either RB start-able this weekend? Is Mike Bell the only play given the goal line carries? If you have them both, who do you start if you're forced to start one?
  8. OK you want a tuff RB question...

    I'm working on the assumptions that: 1) Addai is OUT 2) Brown is 'questionable' or better to play That leaves you a guessing game with Morris, and a certain lone starting RB in Rhodes. If that's the case, then the choice is clear imo. If Brown is ruled OUT, then you've more to think about.
  9. We deal with it two ways... First off, our scoring system rarely ever ends in a tie. We alot .1 of a point for each yard a player gains... so 87 yards = 8.7 points. This system results in final scores that look like 112.54 points and ties don't become an issue in general. We also allow owners to pick a single tiebreak player on their bench as a decider. If somehow BOTH those scores tie (almost mathematically impossible), then it's a tie.
  10. OK you want a tuff RB question...

    I think Rhodes is the easy call here.
  11. McNair hurt?

    Boller is coming back in on the next series, not McNair....
  12. McNair hurt?

    McNair is throwing on the sidelines, xrays negative... he had his hand stepped on, but looks like he may return.
  13. McNair hurt?

    Anybody know what happened here? Is he coming back???
  14. what the #$%& is wrong with Holt?

    He is officially killing my fantasy teams down the stretch. Killing them. He's getting 3-5pts a game for the last few weeks. It's death in this stretch run.
  15. And Steve Smith goes down

    Check my post which I just put up before reading this... :: insert creepy twilight zone music ::