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  1. I love the potential of Herndon, especially after watching Darnold use Griffin last week, but you gotta make sure he's actually going to be 100%. Otherwise it's Jonnu if Walker is out again and Goedert if he's not.
  2. Flex help please!

    Walton has the safer floor, but think Sutton has more upside if you think you can trust him with Allen throwing the ball.
  3. Streaming D, 8-0: please help pick 1

    I actually kinda like CLE here. I think they're a little riskier, but Miles Garrett getting after a QB making his first NFL start just seems like a recipe for multiple mistakes to me.
  4. QB mess

    That's the way I'm leaning too, though part of me wants to take a flyer on Mayfield turning it around. Tough match up, but he's fired up, and I don't expect Brandon allen to be able to keep the Denver offense on the field. Plus he didn't look as bad against NE in the rain last week as I thought he would.
  5. Time to trade Murray????

    It's not great. Everyone knows that once Kamara is back it he goes back to the smaller part of a timeshare.
  6. Time to trade Murray????

    You think an owner that has Kamara, Fournette, and Mack already is going to give up Leonard for Murray and Gordon???? Not a chance.
  7. Not at all convinced that Connor sits. Tomlin said he'd get the early week off but if he felt better by the end of the week he would play Sunday and Jacobs just played through a similar injury. Could see it being more of a split between the 2 since they would want to take some pressure off of him though.
  8. QB mess

    Think I have to rule Kyler out just on the off chance Mahomes plays. Don't want to lock him in tonight just to have Mahomes be ready to go on Sunday.
  9. QB mess

    No. Its a 2 QB league so my options are those guys, Trubisky, Haskins, or Brandon Allen.
  10. Drake or Samuels at rb2?

    Jacobs played through pretty much the same injury that Connor has, so I wouldn't bank on him missing the game. Also can't really bank on Drake for a ton IMO though. Fast-paced offense with no time to learn the playbook or pass-protections in a game they should be way behind against a tough D..... Guess if I had to chose I'd take Drake and hope for some dump offs turning into decent gains, but not loving either option.
  11. QB mess

    With Mahomes possibly out again this week my options at QB2 are Kyler vs SF tonight, Baker vs Den, Tannehill vs Car, or pick up Moore to play vs Min. Leaning towards Moore as they all have terrible match ups but he's got the better pieces around him in a more stable offense....