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  1. That's the way I'm leaning too, though part of me wants to take a flyer on Mayfield turning it around.  Tough match up, but he's fired up, and I don't expect Brandon allen to be able to keep the Denver offense on the field.  Plus he didn't look as bad against NE in the rain last week as I thought he would.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Red Storm said:

    He politely declined the Leonard offer.  I knew he would but didn't hurt to ask.  Just trying to gauge Murray's value more than anything.

    It's not great.  Everyone knows that once Kamara is back it he goes back to the smaller part of a timeshare.  

  3. Jacobs played through pretty much the same injury that Connor has, so I wouldn't bank on him missing the game.  Also can't really bank on Drake for a ton IMO though.  Fast-paced offense with no time to learn the playbook or pass-protections in a game they should be way behind against a tough D..... Guess if I had to chose I'd take Drake and hope for some dump offs turning into decent gains, but not loving either option.

  4. With Mahomes possibly out again this week my options at QB2 are Kyler vs SF tonight, Baker vs Den, Tannehill vs Car, or pick up Moore to play vs Min.  Leaning towards Moore as they all have terrible match ups but he's got the better pieces around him in a more stable offense....

  5. You may have too many RBs, but Hunt and Freeman are your studs, I would not want to trade either of them.  Ajayi may still get you some return because of the hype, but his team is a mess and really only had 3 big games last year.  Martin is a question til we see him on the field, Abdullah disappears too often, and Thompson is too big play dependent as a part time back.  I'd rather take a flyer on a WR for one week than to have to gamble on which of your RBs to play week in and week out.

  6. Gio has 5 catches combined the last 2 weeks and 24 touches in 4 games.  That's a whopping 6 touches a game. Sure he took a big one to the house against Cleveland, but since Lazor took over that is Mixon's backfield.  Fat Rob is at least still the starter and Perine hasn't shown anything to take the early down work away from him when healthy.  The reason he lost so many carries last week is because he got dinged up. He's not going to be flashy and probably won't have a lot of huge week, but I'll still take the starter with more volume in that situation.