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  1. It's about quality not quantity. :)

  2. What is your personality type?

    I did this a while back and just got to thinking about it today for some reason. Have any of you done the Myers Briggs personality audits? Let's see how we all match up. Click here to take a free online Myers Briggs personality test. Click here to read an analysis of those results. I'm an INTJ. Another interesting analysis of Types here. INTJ's are Rational Masterminds... cool.
  3. Anybody here watch the Avatar

    My 2 year old son pretty much wants to watch anything animated, so we keep the Cartoon Channel and Nickelodeon on at our house pretty much all the time. Over teh last couple of months we have gotten into watching the show Avatar: The Last Air Bender. It is surprisingly good (although at times a little slow moving). Anybody else here ever watch it? Or am I the only ?
  4. Has anyone made the switch

    Our electric bill is getting a bit out of hand. Has anyone here made the switch to those energy saving bulbs? Do they make a difference? Pros and cons? I heard second-hand of someone lowering their monthly bill by over $50 just by switching to those light bulbs, but wasn't sure if that could be true or not.
  5. Psssst... Hey Moneymakers... down here.


  6. 1 Player Keeper

    12 Team Re-draft (except for 1 player keeper). This coming season I can keep 1 player currently on my roster from last year as long as he was drafted later than rounds 1-4. I can only keep this 1 player for 1 year. And keeping him will cost me my 4th round pick this coming season. I have two strong candidates to choose from. Drew Brees Marques Colston Thos are my best guys that were drafted later than round 4 last year. I could also choose Ladell Betts, but I think both Brees and Colston will be more valuable than Betts. Tough call though... which one would you keep?
  7. Profile stalker here... that's all.

  8. Animate yourself Simpsons style

    Ever wonder what you would look like as a member of the Simpsons family (Homer not OJ)? Plug in a photo of yourself here, and it will render your image in Simpsons animation style.
  9. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    I think I'm finding myself agreeing with Az and his opinion of Atlanta's motives towards Vick. Let's speculate a little bit. IF the Falcons wanted Vick to get back on the field as soon as possible, but still have to deal with the PR nightmare, how would they do it? They would want to be the first to act by imposing a 4 game suspension. If they waited for teh league to suspend Vick first, then their team imposed suspension would be on top of what the league would hand down. By giving Vick a 4 game suspension first, it would be more likely that the league would jsut extend that suspension which would probably end up being less overall time than if the league acted first followed by a team suspension. Also, by wanting to give Vick a team imposed 4 game suspension, he would still have been available to work with everyone during Training Camp. That Blank is so obviously against the Leave of Absence suggests that he wants Vick to be at Training Camp. Doesn't it?
  10. I Need The Wisdom of The Huddle

    You need Steel Bunz.
  11. The Island

    You're not talking about that flaming piece of crap with Leonardo Dicaprio in it are you?
  12. Caddy

    I'll drag you down with me BB.
  13. Caddy

    There are a few players ahead of him in the top 120 that I would bump him up above, but really not too many. Actually it's more like there are some players that I would move down below him (like Marion Barber). Altogether I think he's just about in the right spot though for my taste.
  14. Scorsese, Shamalan, Spielberg, Mel Brooks

    Mel Brooks - Blazing Saddles Spielberg - Close Encounters/Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade/Jurassic Park Scorsese - Goodfellas Shyamalan - Sixth Sense
  15. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    I love how bringing back a 2 year old thred can totally mess with people. Has anyone ever thought of developing an Unquitters League for people that get pulled back in after a dramatic exit?
  16. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    I would like to know what Blank's reasoning is for being against the Leave of Absence.
  17. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    My 3 year old son's favorite movie right now is Herbie Fully Loaded... it just dawned on me how appropriate that movie title is!
  18. stung by a wasp

    We had wasps nesting in the eave just above our deck in the back of our house. They've been there for a couple of months. This last weekend one of the soldiers stung me on my back. I immediately went to buy some wasp killer. That night I wiped them out! THEY DREW FIRST BLOOD!!!
  19. Any Huddlers with iphones?

    That's awesome! I'm actually going to go research that Nokia because of that site.
  20. I bet you couldn't predict this

    Sometimes God has a very narrow and specific aim. "Hey guys I'm going diving for a little while, and oh by the way, God sucks and I love Satan and Michael Vick. See you in a couple of hours."
  21. Newer fandangled washers & dryers and how I saved $875

    We've got front loaders... I hate them! They save on water use apparantly, but I absolutely hate trying to pull the wet laundry out of the front of those things... half of the clean clothes end up falling out on the floor, and EVERY single time the pants and/or shirts get tangled up into a giant laundry rope so you have to pull 10 things out at the same time and untangle them before throwing them in the dryer. I almost wish our washer was old so we could replace it with a top loader... unfortunately that damn thing will probably be around to torment me for a long time to come. Edit: Oh, but I'm sure YOUR'S are nice!
  22. ROUND 3 WRs

    You could take a chance on James Jones in Green Bay. Sounds like he is impressing a lot of people so far. We'll see.
  23. Greatest American "Genius"

    Ayn Rand