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  1. PPR

    2 rb 2 wr and flex Gibson vs jets (might share carries) Michel vs 9ers (tough matchup and akers getting come touches) Perine vs Browns (should get a full game in) Ogunbowale vs Colts (tough matchup but gonna get tons of touches) Burkhead vs Titans ( tough matchhup and u just never know ) Stevenson vs Dolphins (hoping harris would sit) A. St. Brown vs GB (locked in) Kirk vs Seattle (#1 wr in the cards offense and targets) Lockett vs Cards (could score 5 points or 50) atm i have Gibson..Michel......Brown.... Kirk and Perine...
  2. Help in the ship

    Only team not playing for anything is the packers........
  3. Help in the ship

    All my rbs r playing for something except for Mixon I believe.....
  4. Help in the ship

    Yeah we usually play through the whole year and this year we just added an extra game in the regular season
  5. Help in the ship

    Ppr 2 rb 2 wr and 1 flex Mixon vs Browns (might not play the whole game) Gibson vs giants (injured and might share with patterson) Michel vs 49ers Ogunbowale vs indy (tough matchup) Stevenson vs dolphins (Harris might not play) Lockett vs cards (boom or bust) Kirk vs Seattle (#1 wr on the team) A st. Brown vs packers (must start imo) Atm I have mixon....gibson....kirk....St brown and Michel If Harris doesn't play I will put Stevenson in for gibson????
  6. Wr/flex

    Ppr.... pick 2 wrs and 1 flex Lockett vs lions A. St brown vs Seattle Kirk vs dallas Javonta williams vs chargers Ogunbowale vs pats Jaret Patterson vs Philly Burkhead vs 49ers Atm I have brown and williams
  7. Te help

    Knox vs atl Goedert vs Washington Atm I have goedert
  8. HELP!

    I also can pick up Elijah moore.... would you go him over Osborn......Moore coming off injury
  9. HELP!

    I still like lockett and st brown over him.....
  10. HELP!

    Yall like theilen even with the bum ankle..... he screwed me last game by hurting that ankle again...... it can't be in good enjoin shape to go full load if that tackle reinjured it
  11. Up 10 points

    yeah i figured with book starting and we dont have any linemen....we started a guy off the i figured it would be ugly...WHO DAT!!!!!
  12. Which WR this week

    and i dont see where some irish guy commented..but i just looked and jefferson had 6 targets.........
  13. Which WR this week

    lol .......but jefferson got alot of targerts....well atleast some deep targets and end zone targets.......but this is funny af
  14. The most brutal way to go out?

    why would anybody start kamara last week.........u derseved to lose lol jk
  15. Flex - Aiyuk, Carter, or St.Brown

    st. Brown and its not even close