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  1. Qb help

    Watson vs cincy Lamar vs giants I have watson with the better match up
  2. Wr help

    Lockett vs Washington (hasn't allowed a slot wr to score more then 12 points) Beasley vs Denver (going up against a waiver wire this week at cb)
  3. Rb/wr flex help

    Yeah I am leaning towards him.... he will be up against a waiver wire cb bc Denver whole secondary is out lol
  4. Rb/wr flex help

    It's my flex... between Akers and jacobs But thinking about sitting lockett (wr2) for Beasley?
  5. Dobbins or Jacobs week 15

    Volume is king in fantasy....jacobs... you just never know with the ravens who will get the carries
  6. Rb/wr flex help

    Yeah I am definitely leaning Akers But lockett can go off anytime... but he has a tough matchup and Washington hasn't gave up more then like 12 points to the slot all year
  7. Defense

    Colts vs Houston Cards vs eagles (hurts) Titans vs lions (possibly daniels at qb) Bills vs Denver At the moment I have the colts but I love that titans matchup if Daniels plays.... Pick 1 please
  8. Rb/wr flex help

    Ppr.... 1 for flex Jacobs vs chargers (Thursday night) Akers vs jets Then thinking about sitting lockett (wr2) for Beasley vs Denver (up against a waiver wire add at cb) As of now I have jacobs but leaning heavy towards Akers with Jacobs banged up and on Thursday night) I love Beasley matchup also but consider sitting lockett (wr2) for Beasley...
  9. Wr help

    And Beasley is going up against a cb that was picked up on the waiver wire this week
  10. Wr help

    Lockett has a really tough matchup...Washington hasn't allowed over like 12 points to the slot this year
  11. Wr help

    Even if my opponent has wilson?
  12. Wr help

    I have in Lockett at the moment... but leaning towards Jones Jr is Stafford plays and golladay is out again..... but Lockett can go off any game.... Ppr Lockett vs Washington Jones Jr vs titans Beasley vs Denver Pick 1
  13. Up 20 with

    Lol nope... still up 17.... haha....
  14. Up 20 with

    Lockett and goedert left but he has Wilson and Carson.... think it holds?
  15. Te help

    Ppr Fant vs saints Goedert vs sea Hooper vs jags I have goedert in as of now but ertz is back..... but love hooper matchup.....