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  1. Fred Taylor

    Fracken figures! I have avoided the injury bug all year, till now!!! Got Dunn and Taylor as starting RBs (I know that is weak, but it worked) , they both get hurt last week. Luckily I have Morris on the bench. Start Fred becuase reports said he was ok. Sat Dunn. Now Fred is out, and not that Dunn did well, but 6 pts is better than Fred's 3!
  2. Is Fred Taylor Hurt

  3. Is Fred Taylor Hurt

    Anyone out there have the Jax game? Online I can get nothing one way or the other. I see where he had a long run, but has not touched the ball again.
  4. WDIS RB

    I say roll the dice with Morris. He should get decent yds and at least 1 TD.
  5. pick my DEF - please!

  6. Favre / Eli Manning

    Finally an easy one, Farve.
  7. Henderson / Booker

    I think they are both good options. My gut says Booker, but I think either will be ok and produce similar results.
  8. Taylor or Pinner

    Either play is risky. If you play Pinner, you are hoping Taylor goes down and if you play Taylor, you hope he plays the whole game. I say, you have to go with teh starter. Whomever is starting, play. I think they both will get touches, regardless.
  9. I have Bulger and McNair, but don't like their match ups, so I'm thinking about making a waiver wire move today. Bulger vs Oak - Oak pass def good + Run Def Bad = StL runs = low totals for Bulger? Garcia vs NYG - Garcia is hot right now and don't see NYG def. stopping them. Weinke vs Pitts - Pitts run def good + Car. run off bad = Lots of Weinke passes
  10. T Jones or Housh for the flex?

    I usually don't like WR over RBs, but the match up is too good, and I agree that Benson will get a lot of the carries, even if TJ plays.
  11. WDIS WR - Pick 2

    I think you are ok with your choices. Ariz. will have to throw to stay in the game.
  12. LJ Smith, my best option

    LJ is in a throwing offense. Go with him. THey are moving the ball and he is getting looks now in the red zone.
  13. Playoff decision- Great Advice last week!

    Gotta take the risk with Holt. I like Stallworth, he is hooking up with Garcia well and getting TDs. Then I say it is a toss up between Coles and Caldwell. Who does Coles play?
  14. Bulger or Garcia