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  1. To Start or Not to Start Saquan...1pt PPR

    Yes do not start Barkley.
  2. PPR Swift Jeff Wilson Crowder Mark Andrews Corey Davis Coutee Hilton Tonyan
  3. Russell Wilson is a chump!!!

    Russ has proven now that he can’t perform with tough matchups. Every strong defense he has sucked. He’s not even near as good as Mahomes.
  4. Nothing to say chump loser never draft him again.
  5. I think Wilson has the huge upside with low floor and Philip Rivers has the high floor and average upside. I need a guaranteed points not a huge points so I’m think of starting Rivers.
  6. Flex Help PPR

    Swift- if Stafford plays JROB- is his knee really good C Davis- could be high scoring. L Bowden- if all other WR sit Coutee- hmmm M Andrews I have JROB in there right now and is the way I’m leaning. Swift is my second choice
  7. Jalen Hurts Philip Rivers Russell Wilson- this should be a no brainer but he has sucked against the type of D Washington puts out. Russ is the man most weeks but this an away game against a top 4 team against the QB position.
  8. Henry added to injury report

    Derrick CBS FF News feed
  9. None injury related hope it’s not Covid
  10. Full PPR JROB - hurt bad knee Swift- no QB maybe C Davis- I have Henry as RB J Wilson - really? Wilson? Coutee- tough matchup Lynn Bowden- hmmm a date? M Andrews - intriguing
  11. PPR QB’s - starting Wilson should be a no brainer but he has sucked against tough D. And I need guarantees not he could go off or get you 12. I think Taysom is a guaranteed 25 points if he’s the starter as well as Rivers and Herts. Wilson Hill Rivets Herts