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  1. A Question For You Long Time Huddlers

    I first started posting on the boards back in September of 97. More of a lurker today but still regular paying member.
  2. QB Russell impresses in LSU pro day

    I think it was Tim Couch.
  3. Corey Dillon to retire....

    Why would Maroney change his name to Hugh?
  4. 3 round mock(not rookie)

    Harrison is 34 and will be 35 in August. Just a little math I worked out by subtracting 1972 from 2007. Additionally, he just posted his fifth best yardage year and his best since 2002. His 95 rec. 1366 yards and 12 TD's out pace Wayne in every category. I am not questioing Wayne's success but if you think for a moment he is clearing the way for Marvin Harrison then you clearly have the matrix reversed.
  5. Sean Payton a scab?

    Doesn't bother me at all but Union leadership throwing North American jobs under the bus for the sake of a philosophy of a different time does get to me.
  6. Need a 3rd WR this week

    I voted for Bryant. I don't even think it is a fair question. Bryant has been performing as of late and I fully expect a big game out of him this weekend. Forgive me for not drinking the Garcia flavoured Kool-Aid just yet. I need to see it one more week from Garcia under center to recommend Brown especially when a lock like Bryant is sitting in front of me.
  7. WDIS

    It is a good and valid point however be mindful that LJ did go off for 136 total yards or 33% of the Chief offense in a game where Green threw for 4 TD's. I do not see KC getting all their points through the air again and hence would post LJ for at least 1 TD. Now if Travis Henry can rip the Ravens for 107 yards and a TD then my guess is that LJ will be up for a big game especially after catching the Ravens post two big games vs. division rivals. I agree that Gore is a good play but IMO he is a play below LJ. Now that said I revert back to my original point regarding what kind of league does not allow you to start two RB's because outside of having LT2 on the roster I am not sure how this becomes the critical decision.
  8. Walker vs. S. Moss

    Scoring = 1pt for every 25 yards and 6 pts for TD's Javon Walker with Cutler at QB has me worried vs. the SD defense. The Broncos look about to implode from where I am sitting. Santana Moss has been a total boom or bust. When he is good though he is very good. Philly's defense did not impress me on Monday night and I am wondering if the Campbell to Moss combo is set up to provide some good results. Any thoughts???
  9. Weekly M. BarberIII v. J Jones

    Barber is the choice here. In TD dominant leagues he is in the top 5 of RB's however most leagues he is still in the top 12. Barber is a must start. As for chinatown's comments regarding the Saints pass defense vs. their paltry run defense football wise he is right but fantasy wise the Saints have given up 21 TD's through the air this year. Romo will be just fine. If you are a bettor the move here is to load up on the over. This is going to be one high scoring game.
  10. WDIS

    No offense you cannot bench the #2 RB in the game. Are you only allowed one starter. LJ has faced tough defenses before and without exeption he has produced over 100 yards or a TD or both in every game of the year. Start Gore over him if you like but if you do you are making a mistake.
  11. The NFL Network Game last night

    I couldn't agree with you more. The start of the show did not even sync up the voice to the lip movements. The sound was terrible....sounded like they were broadcasting into a tin can. At one point Bryant Gumble referred to a player's return from injury as debatable. Say What Willis?!!! The terms are probable, questionable or doubtful. Gumble was very bad. Collinsworth was very good but he was not enough to pull Gumble across the line.
  12. Joey Galloway - what happens this year?

    Each year of 1997 and 1998 Galloway had over 1000 yards and double digit TD's. A holdout followed by an ACL tear slowed down the fast start to his career. Galloway is talented and clicks with Simms. I see no reason to not expect 1000 yards and 8-10 TD's.
  13. Consensus Cheat Sheet, pick #20

  14. Consensus Cheat Sheet, pick #16

    Peyton Manning
  15. Consensus Cheat Sheet, pick #14