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  1. I am a Hopkins owner also picked up Fuller off waivers before the weekend. After the crazy week I would like to sell high on Fuller. Looking around the league my options are package him with Montgomery and get back Karryon and A. Tate or try to get Barkley but don’t know what I should package for that. Full point PPR roster is below. Another option is try to get Kittle because the owner also owns Kelce although I have Engram I love Kittle rest of season
  2. Corrupt Yahoo League

    Is there anything you can do when there is clear collusion in a private yahoo cash league.. there’s trades that have been going on all season between the same three teams and they would get vetoed every time (fair or not) so the commissioner changes the settings to commissioner votes but not the rest of the league thinks the commissioner is in on it because he is allowing everything to go through.. he is not responding to anyone and I’ll admit some of the trades are fair but there’s obviously something going on!
  3. Dissly or Hooper ROS

    Dissly.. he is the hot name right now but Seahawks run the ball more then any team and Atlanta passes the ball more than any team
  4. Corrupt Yahoo League

    Yeah, it’s a very sad thing to see for a low stake fantasy league, but I’m going to stick with the league for the remainder of the season. Just seeing if anyone else has been through this.
  5. Last minute RB help

    No Ekeler for sure even though Mixon will have a good game I feel
  6. RB2

    Have Lev Bell on a bye so my options are Duke Johnson, Rex Burkhead, and Frank Gore .5 ppr
  7. Fournette or Henry

    Rest of season .5 PPR Henry or Fournette
  8. Pick 2 out of 3 - half PPR

    Are you a Barkley owner? Either way McCoy and Williams worth more Gallman. I rather own the KC backfield compared to whatever Gallman is going to give you until Barkley gets back
  9. Is josh Jacob's enough for barkley?

    It depends the Barkley owner is he in crazy need of a RB... I’m a Barkley owner and I sent out offers to all the top RBs in the league I even packaged him up with a good WR and got nothing I got one offer for Fournette and another one with Jacobs but he wanted my Evans too which was crazy
  10. Hockenson or Dissly?

    Dissly, although I heard Arizona is changing the way they’re going to cover TE you have to wait for Hockenson to prove that it wasn’t just a good game against a bad defense
  11. Pick 2 out of 3 - half PPR

    Rest of season?? McCoy and Williams
  12. Tyreek trade advice

    I don’t know if Hill is a PPR monster but fitz has proven to be one for sure.. I like the Mahomes Hill stack but the team has prove they can do it with other players that being said Tyreek is a top 10 WR. This is a good trade for you if you aren’t hurting at WR hopefully he comes back soon
  13. Gallman has the guarantee touches whereas I think Justin Jackson against Miami this week has more upside.. who would you start
  14. Do I want any of these RB's?

    Yeah I don’t think he gets traded personally I would drop both and get lat Murray and Mattison lol
  15. Do I want any of these RB's?

    If Drake gets traded he becomes valuable... Burkhead will be hit or miss all season long
  16. Which RB to pick up

    Burkhead or Peterson on that list.. theyre the only ones I don’t feel great about ever starting
  17. Do I want any of these RB's?

    Mattison should be 100% owned... I would drop Burkhead for him
  18. I’m sick of trying to guess between these two.. McDonald is hurt is he droppable? Is Herndon or Watson a good add if I own Hooper or can a trust Hooper the rest of the season?
  19. Irish.. I am in serious need of roster help!! So before the week 3 I traded away Karryon and got Michael Thomas in return and then Saquon went down.... my current roster is: QB: Prescott WR: Evans WR: Godwin RB: Carson RB: Penny (lol) TE: Hooper Flex: Thomas Bench: Mattison, ARob, Hardman, McDonald, two empty spots and Barkley on IR I have a pending offer for Fournette, C Samuel, Lat Murray for my Barkley and ARob (posted it on here, everyone told me no) I can probably offer three trades: 1. Barkley, Evans for Cook (doubt the cook owner will do it) 2. Barkley, Godwin for David Johnson (this the same team that owns cook and I don’t know what’s enough or what’s too much, he also has Henry) 3. Other teams that I could try to trade for have: Mack, Mixon, Chubb, Aaron Jones, Gurley, Freeman I just don’t know his value I am 5th in waiver wire and tevin Coleman, Burkhead, Justin Jackson, Ronald Jones, Gallman, Drake, Darrel Williams all available what would you do in my situation
  20. Saquon Trade Help!

    Just got offered this.. only other starting RB I have is Carson and I am set at WR
  21. Saquon Trade Help!

    Yes, I am 1-2 playing the 3-0 team this week. I’m going to be struggling to make it to the playoffs if I don’t do a deal
  22. Saquon Trade Help!

    What if he gave me tyrell Williams instead of Samuel is Chubb enough? Do you think the cook owner would go for a Barkley Mike Evans trade or is that too much? what about Mixon or Mack?
  23. Saquon Trade Help!

    Thanks.. still thinking about it. I am about to be 1-3 with Carson as my only RB don’t know if I can wait to week 10-12 for his return
  24. Need RB help badly!!!

    So before Sunday’s games I traded Karryon for Michael Thomas and now I lost Barkley.. Carson looks like he is about to lose his job so I am in need of a RB badly... My options are: 1. trade a mid-tier WR like Godwin or ARob don’t know what I could get in return 2. Hope to get Gallman off waivers or other names on waivers are like Rex Burkhead, Ronald Jones, Tevin Coleman 3. Sell high on Mike Evans and trade him but what kind of RB can I expect in return? I have Mattison and the Dalvin cook owner has a ton of RB (David Johnson, Henry, M Sanders) Roster is below
  25. Need RB help badly!!!

    With I could get more for Godwin?