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  1. Flex

  2. 2 in 1

    I'd get McCoy.
  3. Jacobs OUT

    I say yes to all.
  4. Boyd or Higgins in .5 PPR?

    Higgins is the #1 and Boyd runs in the slot.
  5. Kamara or Booker if Jacobs sits?

    Haha no kidding. In a way, though, it's not surprising...Kamara has helped sink my ship in the playoffs in each of the last 3 years, namely week 14. Dude's a stud but he can't do it for a full 16 games.
  6. Kamara or Booker if Jacobs sits?

    Not a problem with Ekeler, per se, but Ballage may play, which may into his production a little bit. Also stupid Josh Kelly at the goal line.
  7. Kamara or Booker if Jacobs sits?

    Yeah, I may lean that way, although he was at practice (although limited) all week... Honestly, all 4 have big question marks.
  8. Which one SITS in .5 PPR? Carson vs NYG (Hyde is playing) Kamara at ATL Booker vs NYJ Ekeler vs NE (Ballage is questionable)
  9. Kamara or Booker if Jacobs sits?

    I know, I know...man... Not only does Taysom render him nearly useless in the red zone, it's also pretty clear that Payton is resting him a bit because of his foot injury. I know I'll end up starting Kamara because of his name and then regretting it. On the other hand, if I start Booker I'm sure Kamara will get 2 TDS... How about this: SIT one in .5 PPR: Booker at NYJ Kamara at ATL Carson vs NYG Ekeler at NE
  10. Playoff Lineup

    For much of the season, WAS was #1 against WRs...but that has changed in recent weeks. Like you, I'd still start him over CEH.
  11. Who to drop?

    Yeah, I'll probably wait until Sunday a.m. regardless. I think Gurley will end up playing, which will kick him out of my IR spot, thus the necessary drop. Chark is currently in my other one.
  12. I have a similar post elsewhere on this forum but I thought I'd clarify a bit now that the situation is more concrete. Looks like Jonnu is out in a prime matchup (great). Naturally, I want to win this week, but if I don't I'll still be in the playoffs, so this ww add would be for the next 4 weeks. 1) What would you do in my shoes in a .5 PPR league? Pick up Firkser for a great matchup this week and simply start Jonnu or Firkser in the coming weeks, depending on if Jonnu is healthy - or - pick up a TE on another team as an alternative? Firkser (CLE, JAX, DET, GB) Ertz (GB, NO, AZ, DAL) Akins/Fells (IND, CHI, IND, CIN) L Thomas (PIT, SF, SEA, CAR) Cook (ATL, PHI, KC, MIN) Reed (BUF, WAS, DAL, AZ) 2) Who gets dropped? Ryan, Mattison, or Cole? QB: Tannehill, Ryan RB: Kamara, Carson, Ekeler, Booker, Mattison WR: Adams, Kupp, D Samuel, Shepard, Cole, J Brown TE: Smith D: PIT K: Carlson
  13. Would you rather have Boyd or Higgins in .5 PPR?
  14. Who to drop?

    Sorry, you're right - I should be a little clearer. Start 3 WR, 2 RB, Flex. RB: Cook, Gurley, Montgomery, Harris, Bernard, McKissic, Akers, Mattison WR: Adams, Moore (bye this week), Chark, Boyd, Lamb This week my lineup will be: Adams, Chark, Lamb Cook, Montgomery Harris