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  1. In my 12-team .5 PPR league that starts 2 RBs, a flex and a superflex, D'Earnest Johnson somehow cleared waivers so I dropped Mattison and snagged him. He is the presumptive starter this week, right? Am I missing something here?
  2. Bye Week Conundrum - Torn on WW Pickup

    I get what you're saying and actually agree with you in theory on most of this. The loophole would never be exploited in my big money league. It happened one time years ago in a slightly less serious league, but has never since, and was an honest mistake by a first-time player. Ultimately, if the commish stays on top of it and the managers aren't sneaky, loopholes like that quickly work themselves into obscurity, although it's still ridiculous that Yahoo can't make the fix. Good luck this weekend!
  3. Bye Week Conundrum - Torn on WW Pickup

    Jeez, generalize much? I have three Yahoo leagues, all of which have considerable buy-ins (one is a big-money league) with managers who are serious, competitive and have known each other for years. We switched the big money league (21 yrs going) away from CBS to Yahoo this year. In my experience, CBS is incredibly non-user-friendly, especially when it comes to scoring and waivers. Aside from that aforementioned loophole, which has only shown its ugly face once in 12 years in a "medium-money" league, everyone agrees that Yahoo is a much better option than paying $150 for CBS. Put that $150 into the kitty instead! Never used a no-drop list before, but JRob being dropped shows just how serious this league must be. Talk about casual...
  4. Bye Week Conundrum - Torn on WW Pickup

    Interesting you should say that... I've used Yahoo for years and found out recently that benched players can be dropped even if they have already played. This then allows managers to pick up available players in later games and insert them into their roster holes. It's a strange loophole. I can't seem to fix it with the settings and I've written Yahoo about it, to no avail.
  5. Bye Week Conundrum - Torn on WW Pickup

    Go for JRob How is this even possible? I hate no-drop lists but clearly this league needs to use them.
  6. Fair trade?

    Depends on starting requirements but I like the DK side
  7. Anyone heard anything regarding Monty's return? I have a trade proposal that includes him but I want to make sure he's on the right side of things. I saw they signed Chris Thompson to the ps the other day...any other news?
  8. I find it strange. I've never seen RB as barren in any league as it is in my 12-teamer right now, AND it's bye week hell, and they both cleared. Starting to second-guess myself!
  9. I'm surprised everyone is so high on Meyers. His worst game of the year came came against the Jets. Jets also are the 3rd best D in the league against WRs. Yes, I know it's because of game flow, but it still counts!
  10. Help me pick 1RB, 1WR and a flex to start in .5 PPR: Meyers vs NYJ D'Ernest Johnson vs DEN ARob at TB McKissic at GB L Murray at CIN In a pickle with the timing...I hate Thursday night games! Do I hold a spot for McKissic in case Gibson doesn't play?
  11. So you think this could improve Johnson's outlook?
  12. Well, crap. I hate these Thurs night games. I like him more than Murray this week but I'm not sure about McKissic.
  13. Who flexes in .5 PPR? Parker vs ATL Waddle vs ATL Carter at NE K Herbert at TB And, if I go with one of the top 3, I need to drop either Toney, K Herbert or Rondale Moore. Who gets the boot?
  14. My RB situation is rough...would you start him over Latavius and McKissic?
  15. .5 PPR, currently 4-2 and in 1st Start QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, D, K QB: Burrow, Allen RB: Kamara, Ekeler, M Davis, D Harris, D Williams, Herbert WR: Jefferson, Woods, Cooks, Shepard, C Davis, Toney TE: Hockenson D: LAR K: Gay Looking to improve my team. The following FAs have caught my eye: D'Earnest Johnson Elijah Mitchell Mooney Ruggs Would you swap any of them out for what I have? If so, who? Thanks in advance.
  16. Not even going to seriously try for D Johnson...it'll be a bloodbath trying to pick him up. How much would you bid on McKissic in .5 PPR? I have 431/500 remaining.
  17. .5 PPR I've been offered Fournette, K Allen and Montgomery for Najee. My team: QB: Dak, Darnold RB: N Harris, JRob, A Collins, J Williams, Carson (IR) WR: Adams, A Brown, Meyers, Julio, Toney, C Davis TE: Gesicki D: IND K: McManus I'd have two extra players, and would probably dump J Williams and Julio or Davis I shouldn't accept this, right?
  18. A hard NO to this trade, right?

    Any other thoughts? Would you do it in my position? I'm 4-2 and thanks to byes, in a good position to win this week.
  19. Sermon outlook?

    Sermon is available in my .5 PPR Superflex league. Is he worth picking up or will I regret it? My RBs are awful overall: Henry, Murray, Gainwell, Mattison, J Williams. Thoughts? Worth a pickup or should I go for a guy like McKissic instead?
  20. Favorite Streamed DST for Week 7

    AZ, NE as a backup
  21. A hard NO to this trade, right?

    This is all really good...I was thinking losing Harris wouldn't be worth it but I'm glad I sought out other opinions. Can Allen turn it around? I'm also worried about his season turning out to be a huge dud.
  22. A hard NO to this trade, right?

    I liked the depth, too, but Montgomery's unclear status worries me.
  23. Which awful QB?

    Need a bye week replacement for Cousins in 12-team Superflex. Goff at LAR Z Wilson at NE? I have Goff, Wilson is the best FA. Next best FA is T Hill. That's how barren it is. I know it's not pretty, but please help me out.