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  1. Herbert or Hurts?

    LAC is pretty banged up at WR. Do I stick with Herbert at QB or roll the dice with Jalen Hurts against AZ?
  2. JV League Playoffs! Week 15 lineup questions

    DST: CLE WR: Jefferson and Davis RB: JRob and McKissic Flex: JuJu
  3. Pick one WR

  4. Austin Ekeler or Jonathan Taylor?

    Std scoring? Taylor without hesitation. And I'm an Ekeler owner.
  5. Pick one WR

    Willie Snead is also available, and Brown is out.
  6. Wr pick one

    I like Woods this week.
  7. Yes. All of your other options are better.
  8. Which WR?

    Got Nelson.
  9. Std scoring league. Mattison has been taking up valuable roster space for me all year, and he blew the only chance he had at a start. At most he could possibly start in week 16, and even then he'd be facing New Orleans. I want to drop him because even if Cook gets injured, I dont think he'd crack the starting roster. Let's assume Cook gets hurt and Mattison starts next week. My RBs in week 16: Ekeler vs DEN Carson vs LAR Drake at SF M Davis vs WAS Mattison at NO I would start 3 RB. Would Mattison be a starter for me?
  10. Pick 2 RB

    Non-PPR. Pick 2 RB to play alongside Cook Ekeler at LV Carson at WAS M Davis at GB Drake vs PHI
  11. WR disaster

    12-team Std League. Playing in the semis this week. I'm hurting in a big way at WR. My 5 WRs (starting and bench) scored less than 10 points last week...COMBINED. Luckily I have the #1 seed so I didn't play. My roster: QB: Herbert RB: Cook, Ekeler, Carson, Harris, Drake, Davis, Mattison WR: McLaurin, Parker, Chark, D Samuel, Pittman TE: Hockenson D: LAR, NO K: Bass My plan is to drop NO defense for CLE (week 16), and then drop Samuel and Harris, as well as possible Mattison, Chark, and Parker. Some WRs of interest include (final 2 weeks of schedule in parentheses): Gage (TB, KC) Bowden (NE, LV) Hamler (BUF, LAC) Reynolds (NYJ, SEA) Bourne (DAL, AZ) Amendola (TEN, TB) Higgins (NYG, NYJ) Renfrow/Ruggs (LAC, MIA) Who would you pick up in my position? Which WRs will help me out the most? Is Parker going to play this week? TIA
  12. Which WR?

    Jets are playing the Rams.
  13. Which WR?

    Should I drop Boyd for him?
  14. Which WR?

    Yes. And I think I agree with you.
  15. WR disaster

    Would you drop Chark for Higgins?
  16. Defense for the playoffs?

    Cleveland all the way.
  17. Up by 8 points in .5 PPR. My opponent has Hunt. I think my only hope is an injury...
  18. Can I squeak it out?

    Yep. Clearly not a catch. There goes my chance at 2k. Moron Harbaugh.
  19. Can I squeak it out?

    That was not a catch. I just lost. Idiot Ravens.
  20. Can I squeak it out?

    C'mon! More anti-Hunt juju!
  21. Can I squeak it out?

    I wonder if Shane Stant is still in the knee-wrecking business...
  22. QB for the rest of the season

    Trubisky. He's a league winner this year.