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  1. Can I squeak it out?

    Well then, let's hope for an emergency spleen removal this afternoon!
  2. Which DST?

  3. Which DST?

    PIT at BUF CAR vs DEN TB vs MIN GB at DET CHI vs HOU
  4. Wr help??

    Brown if he plays.
  5. GO DEEP! Pick a flex for max possible ceiling

    Mike Williams for sure. Guy is the definition of low floor, high ceiling.
  6. Any changes to this lineup?!

    I like Davis over Sanders
  7. Gronk or Andrews?

    Andrews. I think he gets 2 TDs this week.
  8. Negative 3 per sack? Holy yikes. Tannehill.

    I like both of the Davis fellows here.
  10. Which DST?

    HOU at CHI is also available.
  11. 14-team .5 PPR league. I've had this guy all season in hopes that Cook would get hurt. He had his chance and crapped the bed. Time to get rid of Mattison? I'm not a Cook owner. My other RBs are Kamara, Carson, Ekeler, and Booker.
  12. Welp. Down to this decision at RB...

    I'd go the safe route with Gallman. IND has a tough run D anyway.
  13. I like it as you have it.

  15. 14-team .5 PPR. Start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex D, K. Get to keep up to 2 players, lose the rd they were drafted in the previous year. Already planning on keeping Adams in the 1st. Sadly I don't really have any other good options. Two months ago I would have told you Jonnu Smith in the 11th but that's obviously changed. Mayyyyybe Deebo in the 6th. Do you guys think either Lavishka Shenault or Lamical Perine for a 15th (final round) would provide decent value and/or upside?
  16. Pick my FLX

    Crowder if he plays
  17. Week 14 QB (playoffs)

    Allen...he's on the verge of becoming matchup-proof.
  18. Perriman could be a monster if Crowder is out.
  19. Bench players

    Gordon in flex
  20. CEH or Aiyuk?

    CEH will get right against a mediocre MIA run D.