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  1. Had CMC and DJ as RBs, help please!

    Jonnu over Reed. Bernard over Wilson.
  2. Always picking the wrong one of late

    Ryan is dead to me. Stafford.
  3. TE conundrum

    As if my TE situation couldn't get any cloudier in this .5 PPR league... I currently have Jonnu Smith, Firkser, and Logan Thomas on my roster. Smith/Firkser have a great matchup, but obviously Smith's injury complicates things for this week's game in Jacksonville. I picked up Thomas, but his matchup is pretty bad. Irv Smith is also available, and now it's looking like Rudolph won't play, which elevates Smith into an every-down role in a pass-funnel game. Please advise on each situation. Situation 1: Jonnu plays. In this case I would dump Firkser and pick up Smith Jr. Who should I start: Smith at JAX Thomas vs SF Irv Smith at TB Situation 2: Jonnu doesn't play. Not sure if I could pick up Irv Smith; maybe I could dump Mattison. Who should I start? Firkser at JAX Thomas vs SF Irv Smith at TB
  4. TE conundrum

    Yeah...Jonnu is apparently fully healthy, so I'm getting rid of Firkser. Last time Tenn played JAX, Jonnu went 4-84-2. His matchup and upside are greater, but maybe Thomas is safer?
  5. Who wins?

    .5 PPR Team A: Big Ben D Henry Montgomery Hopkins Cooper Lazard Reed Hunt Succop IND Team B: Tannehill Kamara Carson Adams Kupp Deebo L Thomas Ekeler Carlson PIT
  6. Which 2 D/STs should I own

    Do not drop Cleveland D. They have the Jets in week 16.
  7. Help me overhaul my team

    Agreed, but he's seen increasing usage the past 2 games. I dropped Chark for Crowder. Chark's week 15-16 matchups are BAL, CHI. Crowder has LAR, CLE.
  8. 10-team, .5 PPR league. 10-3, locked into the playoffs, which are weeks 15 and 16. QB: Herbert RB: Cook, Gurley, Montgomery, Harris, Bernard, McKissic, Akers, Mattison WR: Adams, Moore, Boyd, Lamb, Chark TE: Henry D: LAR K: Lutz I need some serious help at WR. Outside of Adams, they're maddening to own. None of those guys seems bad enough to drop, and each seems to put up a great game when they're on my bench (Boyd last week on ONE catch). I'm looking at some WRs on the ww, but especially considering I'm housing Mattison in IR right now, and he could come off of it, I may not have the roster space for both. Available WRs: Hilton Crowder Coutee Higgins 1) If I try to get 2 WRs, which players should I drop? I'm thinking Bernard and Chark. 2) If I can only get one, which would you go for?
  9. AZ DST or PIT DST?

    So, I burned myself last year in week 14 by dropping PIT at AZ in favor of PHI vs NYG in the rain. Naturally, Eli played well, I lost by 2 and cost myself 2nd place. I have PIT D this year as well, but they're beat up and playing against one of the best offenses in the league. I think this game could be a shootout. Allen is prone to turnovers and sacks but it seems like the Steelers are just too beat up right now. Do I learn from my prior mistake and just stay the course with PIT, or start AZ at NYG?
  10. Help me overhaul my team

    Got Hilton. Crowder is still there. I'm curious as to why you guys think Akers should go? I can see them unleashing him against the Jets in week 15.
  11. Another Waiver Question for the Wife's Team

    I like Hilton for the next two weeks.
  12. Gaskin or Gallman?

    Gaskin. Always run the ball against the Chiefs - it's their defensive weakness and it keeps Pat off the field.
  13. DST Waiver

  14. Wide Receiver toss up, week 14. Pick 2 to start.

    Hmmm. Bench Deebo for Gordon or Gaskin.
  15. Which TE?

    Shultz should have a good week.
  16. Sit 2

    Terry and aiyuk.
  17. Playoff Time

    I would. ATL, LV should both be good games. Bouye is suspended, so his matchup against Denver just improved.
  18. Trusting Mixon

    He probably won't play again this season. Cut bait.

    Davis Cooper Swift
  20. So my week 14 opponent has Jimmy Graham at TE, who doesn't really see the field much anymore. He will likely go for a TE on the ww. I have Firkser and Smith and will most likely play whichever suits up against JAX, but was looking at nabbing Logan Thomas, the only good TE available on the ww, although Kmet is also available. I was going to grab him anyway, but it would also be great to block my opponent in the first week of the playoffs. I have $233 remaining, he has $100. Would you bid $101 to grab Thomas and block him, or is that a complete waste of FAAB? Hilariously, even if I spend that I'll still have more FAAB remaining than all but one of the other teams in the playoffs. Should I do it, or does it leave me high and dry for the playoffs? He'll probably just grab Kmet if I get Thomas anyway. Thoughts?
  21. Which DST week 16?

    Which DST do you prefer week 16? CLE at NYJ NO vs MIN LAR at SEA
  22. Strategic block or waste of FAAB?

    I got him. I was thinking about getting him last week, narrowed it down to him and Firkser, but considering Thomas was going up against the #2 and #1 defenses in PIT and SF over the next two weeks, I opted for Firkser (he had CLE and TEN). Tennessee tight ends put up loads of points and targets on Sunday and will probably do the same against Jacksonville. Still not 100% convinced to start Thomas over Firkser, who almost had a huge game himself (Tannehill missed him in the EZ twice on the final drive).
  23. Wide Receiver toss up, week 14. Pick 2 to start.

    Jefferson, Cooper, and Deebo if your RBs aren't great.