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  1. Week 14 RB's... who would you play?

    Robinson, Gaskin, Gordon (unless you are planning on flexing a WR)
  2. Can I trust Wilson week 14

    Yes. He will have 4 TDs this week. I know this because I have Carson, who will probably go scoreless.
  3. DST Question

    I'd drop MIA D for a depth player. If you're not going to use them for the playoffs - their schedule isn't great - why would anyone else?
  4. All hands on deck: You make the call week 13

    Yep. Shows how much projections actually mean.
  5. Ryan or Tannehill?

    Looks like the Falcons will have their full complement of weapons. Who starts? Ryan vs NO Tannehill vs CLE
  6. For rest of season in .5 PPR. Weeks 15 and 16 are most important. M Brown (DAL, CLE, JAX, NYG) Crowder (LV, SEA, LAR, CLE) Boyd (MIA, DAL, PIT, HOU) Higgins (same schedule as Boyd)
  7. .5 PPR Gurley vs NO Harris at LAC
  8. Look over my lineup? Must win.

    Keep Shepard on there, Harris over Gio.
  9. Help me pick 2 WR

    Pittman and Davis
  10. I like AZ here. I can see Goff having a multiple-INT day.
  11. Duke Johnson....Good Grief

    Snell over Duke
  12. Which 3 would you want ROS in .5 PPR? I currently have Lamb and Boyd, but feel like Boyd will fall off the face of the Earth now that Burrow is gone. Higgins seems to have a better connection with Allen. Current WRs: Adams, Moore, Chark, Boyd, Lamb. Going to swap out as necessary and pick up another WR. Playoffs start in week 15 (3rd week in parentheses) Boyd (MIA, DAL, PIT, HOU) Higgins (MIA, DAL, PIT, HOU) Lamb (BAL, CIN, SF, PHI) M Brown (DAL, CLE, JAX, NYG) Watkins (DEN, MIA, NO, ATL)
  13. Handcuff Dalvin or no???

    Mattison is a must, I have him in both of my leagues with Cook... BUT Don't expect much out of him (or even Cook, possibly) in the fantasy playoffs. MIN is going against essentially the top 3 run Ds in the league in weeks 14-16 (TB, CHI, NO), and Kubiak has said he needs to scale back Cook's touches - could end up in a timeshare of sorts. If you can find an RB gem elsewhere that's set up for more success in the playoffs, it might be worth pursuing that instead of Mattison.
  14. Would you rather have Boyd or Higgins in .5 PPR?
  15. I have a similar post elsewhere on this forum but I thought I'd clarify a bit now that the situation is more concrete. Looks like Jonnu is out in a prime matchup (great). Naturally, I want to win this week, but if I don't I'll still be in the playoffs, so this ww add would be for the next 4 weeks. 1) What would you do in my shoes in a .5 PPR league? Pick up Firkser for a great matchup this week and simply start Jonnu or Firkser in the coming weeks, depending on if Jonnu is healthy - or - pick up a TE on another team as an alternative? Firkser (CLE, JAX, DET, GB) Ertz (GB, NO, AZ, DAL) Akins/Fells (IND, CHI, IND, CIN) L Thomas (PIT, SF, SEA, CAR) Cook (ATL, PHI, KC, MIN) Reed (BUF, WAS, DAL, AZ) 2) Who gets dropped? Ryan, Mattison, or Cole? QB: Tannehill, Ryan RB: Kamara, Carson, Ekeler, Booker, Mattison WR: Adams, Kupp, D Samuel, Shepard, Cole, J Brown TE: Smith D: PIT K: Carlson
  16. Justifying Jamaal... RB hancuff

    I like Williams over Edmonds, but do you have Jones already? Who are your other RBs?
  17. Justifying Jamaal... RB hancuff

    I think McKissic's run this season is over. WAS discovered last week that Gibson is an effective receiving back, too. I'd drop McKissic for him.
  18. Flex

  19. 2 in 1

    I'd get McCoy.
  20. Jacobs OUT

    I say yes to all.