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  1. Which D to stream?

    Who gets the streaming nod this week? Panthers (vs NYJ) Dolphins (at NE) Seahawks (at IND) Giants (vs DEN) Vikings (at CIN)
  2. Which D to stream?

    Went Carolina in one league, MIA in the other. Like to hedge my bets. Denver will be more than just a streamer all season...
  3. As long as he's healthy, he will be used early and often. He should be your WR1.
  4. This. He should be your #1 WR unless he gets hurt again.
  5. Now that Edwards is officially done, do I pick up Freeman, Bell, Murray, or someone else like Darrell Williams? How about Sammy Watkins? I'm thinking I should just sit back and see how things shake out first.
  6. Goedert or Jonnu?

    Who do you like this week and ROS? Goedert at ATL Jonnu vs MIA .5 PPR
  7. Pick up Lev Bell?

    Is Edwards officially done for the year? Any word on this? What's the value in picking up Leveon Bell in .5 PPR?
  8. Jones or Meyers in flex?

    Should have gone with my gut.
  9. Now that Edwards is done (awesome) do I go with R Jones tonight or Jacobi Meyers vs MIA? .5 PPR
  10. Got Murray in 2 leagues.
  11. Who's my WR3 this week in .5 PPR? AB vs DAL Boyd vs MIN Davis at CAR
  12. Drafted Hurts in the last rd of a 10-team .5 PPR, but now I'm thinking I may want Rondale Moore instead. My QBs are Rodgers and Hurts. My WRs are Hill, Allen, Woods, Boyd, and C Davis. Start 2 WR and a Flex. Should I drop Hurts for Moore or stay put?
  13. Start him over Rodgers?
  14. .5 PPR Currently my TE is Gesicki. Should I drop him for Everett or Ertz for ROS?
  15. Sure, it can't hurt.
  16. Chris Carson or Javonte Williams

    Carson. Williams will be eased in as they run Gordon into the ground this year.
  17. Ekeler hamstring problem

    Justin Jackson? Maybe. I'd imagine Kelly would see some run as well.
  18. .5 PPR, 10-team league. I'm not so sold on Zeke but really like my WRs. QB: Rodgers, Hurts RB: Zeke, Montgomery, Harris, RJones II, Pollard WR: Hill, K Allen, Woods, Boyd, C Davis TE: Hockenson D: MIA K: Koo Thoughts? Opinions?
  19. It's pretty solid, but judging by your players, you must have picked 10/10...you don't seem to have any first round studs. I also don't love your depth
  20. Which TE would rather roster

    I prefer Gesicki
  21. He'll never take it, but do it immediately.
  22. I hate it

    Last year I dominated this league from the 9 spot. This year the draft went much differently. Felt like I was reaching all night. 10-team .5 PPR. Start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex, DST, K. QB: Dak RB: N Harris, Carson, Robinson, Jamal Williams, Hines WR: Adams, Julio, Boyd, A Brown, Davis, Meyers TE: Jonnu D: CLE (but will swap out this week) K: Sanders Thoughts? Slap me around a little bit.
  23. That's a strong team.