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  1. 26 minutes ago, stevegrab said:


    Yes I do generalize when it fits. I've been here for years listening to people talk about their Yahoo leagues, many of which were free or low cost, played among a bunch of strangers. People bash leagues run on CBS regularly too. I just find it odd that a serious big money league would use a site that allows you to release players from your team who already played that weak. It basically allows extra roster spots, somewhat randomly, based on who is on your team and when they play. 


    no drop list - just sounds odd to say "I'm hate them but that league needs one." Unless you play in the league you don't how serious it is, or issues faced due to structure. I looked closer and see its 12 teams, 8 starters, and 6 on the bench (that's 4 less bench spots than my 12team league). But it also has some strict limits on RB/WR that make managing injuries and byes difficult. Maybe somebody made a mistake dropping him, but having some rule that certain players cannot be dropped is just dumb isn't a good solution.

    I get what you're saying and actually agree with you in theory on most of this. The loophole would never be exploited in my big money league. It happened one time years ago in a slightly less serious league, but has never since, and was an honest mistake by a first-time player. Ultimately, if the commish stays on top of it and the managers aren't sneaky, loopholes like that quickly work themselves into obscurity, although it's still ridiculous that Yahoo can't make the fix.


    Good luck this weekend!

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  2. 4 minutes ago, stevegrab said:

    If you hate no drop lists you should be against them, let league owners manager their own team. No serious leagues I know have such a thing, sounds like another thing for casual leagues of people who don't know each other playing for little or no money (see your Yahoo loophole). 




    As you may have heard from others here, Yahoo is for cheap or free leagues with people not really that serious about FF. Maybe that's all some people use and are expecting such freedom with their rosters. To me it is tantamount to cheating, allowed by the rules but probably not known by most owners. 

    Jeez, generalize much?


    I have three Yahoo leagues, all of which have considerable buy-ins (one is a big-money league) with managers who are serious, competitive and have known each other for years. We switched the big money league (21 yrs going) away from CBS to Yahoo this year. In my experience, CBS is incredibly non-user-friendly, especially when it comes to scoring and waivers. Aside from that aforementioned loophole, which has only shown its ugly face once in 12 years in a "medium-money" league, everyone agrees that Yahoo is a much better option than paying $150 for CBS. Put that $150 into the kitty instead!


    Never used a no-drop list before, but JRob being dropped shows just how serious this league must be. Talk about casual...

  3. 47 minutes ago, stevegrab said:


    Regarding the bolded, no legit fantasy software should allow that, players on your active line-up should be locked for the week. Never heard of being able to play somebody, then drop them. Can you even drop that player if they were on your bench and already played? I'd be surprised if you can, CBS doesn't allow that, their game starts they're on your roster until that week is up. Not sure how that's the main issue, were you expecting to be able to do that? 


    As for your conundrum, it seems to be use Johnson tonight, or try to get Robinson either way stuck with Brown in the flex. 


    Would Robinson  be in your line-up regularly if you added him? Or is this more a blocking move against other teams adding him. That would be the deciding factor for me, if he benefits you taking a small downgrade this week may work out. 


    Interesting you should say that...


    I've used Yahoo for years and found out recently that benched players can be dropped even if they have already played. This then allows managers to pick up available players in later games and insert them into their roster holes. It's a strange loophole. I can't seem to fix it with the settings and I've written Yahoo about it, to no avail.

  4. .5 PPR, currently 4-2 and in 1st


    Start QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, D, K


    QB: Burrow, Allen

    RB: Kamara, Ekeler, M Davis, D Harris, D Williams, Herbert

    WR: Jefferson, Woods, Cooks, Shepard, C Davis, Toney

    TE: Hockenson

    D: LAR

    K: Gay


    Looking to improve my team.


    The following FAs have caught my eye:


    D'Earnest Johnson

    Elijah Mitchell




    Would you swap any of them out for what I have? If so, who?


    Thanks in advance.

  5. .5 PPR


    I've been offered Fournette, K Allen and Montgomery for Najee.


    My team:


    QB: Dak, Darnold

    RB: N Harris, JRob, A Collins, J Williams, Carson (IR)

    WR: Adams, A Brown, Meyers, Julio, Toney, C Davis

    TE: Gesicki

    D: IND

    K: McManus


    I'd have two extra players, and would probably dump J Williams and Julio or Davis


    I shouldn't accept this, right?