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  1. I've had Kamara in a 14-team big money keeper league since he's been in the NFL. Drafted him his rookie year and have had him since. Due to keeper rules I need to let him go after this year.


    I've been in the playoffs every year, never finished worse than 8-5, but have lost in every week 14 with him (no playoff byes in this league). For the first 3 seasons, I was able to win the remaining 2 playoff games each season to finish 5th 3 yrs in a row. He's typically had a crappy week 14 game every season.


    This season, out of 8 playoff teams, my 3rd seed squad scored the second-highest total in week 14. Naturally, the 6th seed that I just happened to play was the only one to score higher. Those 55 points that he scored today for my inactive team sadly mean nothing. Kamara had an average game.


    Although in some ways it's been great having him, it's absurd that even with his stats, a championship or even 3rd place finish has evaded me for 4 straight years.



  2. 5 hours ago, purplemonster said:

    FAAB or rolling, either would be a major improvement on your system. I know the experts seem to think FAAB is fairest but it is slightly more strategy. Either system would be a major upgrade. 

    Agreed. Reverse standings is the worst.

  3. Welp, two #1 seeds and a #3 seed down the drain with nothing to show for it.


    Time to look forward to another season of wasting time, money and brainpower.


    Does anyone see any value in picking up Damien Williams in a .5 PPR league? I could keep him in exchange for my 15th rd pick.


    Will Bell be back next year?

  4. Start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex, D, K. Presumptive starters in bold. 


    .5 PPR.


    QB: Herbert (Goff is available on the ww but I'm also already playing a lot of Rams

    RB: Cook, Akers, McKissic, Gurley, Mattison

    WR: Adams, Hilton, Agholor, DJ Moore, Boyd, Crowder

    TE: Ebron, Henry

    Flex: Montgomery

    D: LAR

    K: Lutz


    Do I pop Moore in for Agholor? Should I start Goff instead of Herbert?

    Lutz has been next to useless since Hill has been the starter; should I grab Bass or someone else instead?


    What say you?