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  1. Chase, Cooks, or Drake?

  2. Brady vs Lamar

    Brady. Lamar sucks.
  3. Zeke

    I think Zeke will outscore Najee this season. Pour yourself some champagne.
  4. Stafford or Lamar?

    Stafford. Lamar is going to be one of the biggest busts of the 2021 season. Apparently I didn't get the memo on my own prediction.
  5. WR2

  6. Who flexes in .5 PPR? Gainwell at SF Meyers at NYJ Rojo vs ATL Hate to say this, but I think I'm leaning Rojo ever since Arians said he's getting the start this week. Thoughts?
  7. Cousins or Goff?

    Hey, now! C'mon! Superflex.
  8. Cousins or Goff?

    Who starts alongside Lamar in my SFlex league? Cousins at AZ Goff at GB Have a feeling Goff is going to get tons if garbage time all year.
  9. Jonnu or Goedert?

    .5 PPR Who do you like this week as well as ROS? Jonnu vs NYJ Goedert vs SF
  10. Who Flexes?

    Who flexes in .5 PPR? C Davis vs NE Julio at SEA JRob at DEN Thanks!
  11. Rodgers or Hurts?

    Rodgers vs DET Hurts vs SF
  12. .5 PPR Flex

    Woods at IND D Harris at NYJ C Davis vs NE
  13. THAT trade? 5 TEs, and yet he's accepting another in the trade? Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
  14. Devonta Smith or DJ Moore PPR Week 2

    PPR I like Moore
  15. Flex

  16. OBJ worth #2 waiver?

    OBJ has been a lost soul, wandering the arid wastelands of fantasy obscurity since his banishment from the realm of Rain Man Eli Manning. Having said that, I like him over Gage, but I think I'd roll the dice and hope he clears waivers. The fact that he is inactive this week increases those chances.
  17. Need RB and Flex advice

    Williams and Smith
  18. Week 2 WR2

  19. Week 2 WR2

    Patrick with a bullet
  20. Flex .5 ppr

    Smith and Henderson
  21. Sutton or Beasley