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  1. .5 PPR league.


    While I'm not overly concerned about Gesicki's week 1 goose egg from a score perspective, the fact that he saw 20 snaps while Shaheen was out offers a pretty bleak outlook going forward. Fuller coming back may complicate things even further. 


    Where does he stand ROS vs Kmet, Jared Cook, Conklin or O' Shaughnessy?



  2. Although my team was projected to score second-highest in the league, I am going to finish at the bottom - by a long shot. I have a lot of editing to do. Getting 22 pts total from my top 3 picks doesn't help. It was pretty much the perfect sheetstorm for my team.


    12-team Superflex league, .5 PPR.


    Obviously I will be dropping Fitzmagic and Mostert - who else goes? I'm not loving the prospect of keeping Gesicki around, for one...


    QB: Jackson, Cousins, Fitzpatrick

    RB: Henry, Mostert, Rojo, J Williams, Murray, Stevenson

    WR: Ridley, Arob, DJ Moore, Meyers, M Thomas

    TE: Gesicki

    D: TB



  3. 19 hours ago, gallagorilla said:

    Projecting 10 pts less than opponent with Lamar (me) and Andrew's (him) still left to play. I could 1) drop Stevenson who is clearly behind Harris (and had fumble), or 2) drop S Watkins, who is likely the WR1 on a not very wr friendly team. Or should I 3) do nothing by either believing in Lamar over/Andrew's under (this week), or simply not caring since it's only wk 1 and keeping Watkins/Stevenson could be beneficial long positions 

    Not sure how dropping either of those guys could help you tonight.