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  1. Last year I dominated this league from the 9 spot. This year the draft went much differently. Felt like I was reaching all night.


    10-team .5 PPR. Start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex, DST, K.


    QB: Dak

    RB: N Harris, Carson, Robinson, Jamal Williams, Hines

    WR: Adams, Julio, Boyd, A Brown, Davis, Meyers

    TE: Jonnu

    D: CLE (but will swap out this week)

    K: Sanders 


    Thoughts? Slap me around a little bit.

  2. Luckily I drafted Edwards in all of my leagues so far. He's very underrated.


    That Dobbins injury could very well be only a few week absence. Hyperextensions do not necessarily mean torn ligaments, and it's good news that it wasn't a non-contact injury.

  3. 10 team, .5 PPR. Picked 5th.


    QB: Allen 

    RB: Kamara, Ekeler, M Davis, Harris, Edwards 

    WR: Jefferson, Woods, Cooks, Boyd, C Davis, Meyers

    TE: Hockenson, Jonnu

    DST: Rams

    K: Sanders 


    Went a little earlier on QB than I normally do, but I like how it ended up. No true stud at WR, though.



  4. I have an extra spot on my roster and want to grab an upside RB or handcuff. 


    .5 PPR


    Some guys who are available and caught my eye:





    Darrell Williams




    My other RBs are Henry, Mostert, R Jones II, Edwards, Jamaal Williams.


    Thoughts? I want to jump all over Stevenson since he looks like the real deal but I'm worried about Belicheck's tendency to redshirt rookie RBs.

  5. Been playing in this league for 19 yrs, but we switched to superflex this year.


    .5 PPR, 3rd pick in a 12-team keeper league.


    Start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex, Sflex, DST.


    QB: Jackson, Cousins, Fitzpatrick

    RB: Henry, Mostert, RJones II, Edwards, Jamal Williams

    WR: Ridley, A Robinson, Moore, Meyers, M Thomas

    TE: Gesicki

    DST: TB


    Thoughts? I know my RBs are pretty bad, but I was completely thrown off when the guy in front of me took Montgomery. Should have taken Henderson over Robinson in the 4th. I have some depth guys who could step up, though.


    The Michael Thomas pick is an obvious flier hoping that he comes back sooner rather than later, and possible keeper.

  6. 1 minute ago, PocketPool said:

    I believe Kamaras value will be based on who the stating qb is for NO. If Hill is made the starter I would avoid Kamara at all costs. If Crab Legs is starting I would feel fine drafting Kamara at 5.

    This is exactly what I'm worried about. Kamara sucked with Hill last year.

  7. 10-team league, std scoring. I have the 5th pick. 


    As ridiculous as it is, I'm pretty sure that Mahomes will go first because the #1 spot belongs to a KC fanatic who does this every year. 


    Going by ADP that leaves me with Kamara, but in std scoring I'm hesitant, especially since that NO offense does not look great this year.


    Am I nuts to think that Zeke is the better pick?


    Thanks in advance!