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  1. Start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex, D, K. Presumptive starters in bold. 


    .5 PPR.


    QB: Herbert (Goff is available on the ww but I'm also already playing a lot of Rams

    RB: Cook, Akers, McKissic, Gurley, Mattison

    WR: Adams, Hilton, Agholor, DJ Moore, Boyd, Crowder

    TE: Ebron, Henry

    Flex: Montgomery

    D: LAR

    K: Lutz


    Do I pop Moore in for Agholor? Should I start Goff instead of Herbert?

    Lutz has been next to useless since Hill has been the starter; should I grab Bass or someone else instead?


    What say you?



  2. Std scoring league.


    Mattison has been taking up valuable roster space for me all year, and he blew the only chance he had at a start. At most he could possibly start in week 16, and even then he'd be facing New Orleans. I want to drop him because even if Cook gets injured, I dont think he'd crack the starting roster.


    Let's assume Cook gets hurt and Mattison starts next week. My RBs in week 16:


    Ekeler vs DEN

    Carson vs LAR

    Drake at SF

    M Davis vs WAS

    Mattison at NO


    I would start 3 RB. Would Mattison be a starter for me?