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  1. Discontent in Dallas?

    Just had a waiver choice of Dalton or Tua. Went with Tua. Dallas too injured on OL to take the Red Rifle. MIA has no run game and decent weapons also.
  2. Anyone else doing well and losing terribly?

    Since sites like this became available, luck is a needed item. Before the innernet, you could outwork/out study your fellow owners. Been playing since '84. I have a good resume. This year, 3 leagues, 1-4-1, 1-5, 2-4. Don't even have many similar players. Just unlucky, so far, this year. Last week, lost by 1, .2 & 2. Last nite, my opponent needed 2 TDs from Kirk. I mean, he had 2 catches! The type of year that makes you appreciate the good years.
  3. RIP Fred Dean

    Fred was one of the greatest pass rushers ever. LC, whoever you are.
  4. . . . the crowds return. In both my leagues, I played against Mahomes. He needed 5 TDs to beat me in both. Other than playing against these teams when KC had its bye, "@" Balt is the next best week to play them. Currently, there is no next best. Until this year, there would be a few games/year, where a QB would get 5 TDs. There were 3 this weekend alone. NO lead is safe.
  5. End A Fight In 3-5 Seconds

    Saw an ad here for the above. Seems like a hateful ad to me. Just sayin. Wasn't sure you were aware of it. Feel free to delete this post.
  6. Fight Fast? Is this now a GOP website?
  7. Artificial crowd noise

    It is only slightly better than silence.
  8. RIP Gale Sayers

    RIP Gale. Thank you for the entertainment. As athletic as any athlete I have ever seen.
  9. 2 teams, 0-2. Glad playing for 1/2 fee in both, for this year. CMC Golloday Michael Thomas Muststart Parris Julio Shepard

    I will sit Hunt in one league and play against him in the other.
  11. How many leagues?

    2 - when more than 2, lose track of who to root for.
  12. League plan for Covid 19 shortened season

    My 2 leagues are playing for half the fee. Haven't heard of contingency yet but that should keep the fighting in half, regardless.
  13. Washington Vexations
  14. Raheem Mostert gets a raise

    He passes my eye test. For whatever reason, he has now learned how to run. 28, pay the man. You don't want to, trade him to the Rams.