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  1. Odell to The Rams

    Now, not so bad.
  2. Odell to The Rams

    Same, picked him up yesterday.
  3. What do you need MNF Pit vs. Chi

    TD from Dionte.
  4. In the 37th year of a TD only league. Our only waivers are pick up only after weeks 3, 6 & 9. Need something else, make a trade. So, I have all 17.
  5. Ridley is inactive

    Drafted him 3.01 in 12 team league. Site said that was best value pick in entire draft. Not yet.
  6. What do you need tonight - Week 7 MNF

    15 from Calloway in PPR.
  7. Huddle in Decline

    Been a member since '99. Love the Game predictions, my favorite article each week. I will be a member until I am unable to select a lineup on an app. At that time, my brother has permission to pull the plug on my life support. There is soooo much data and angles to try to set the best lineup. Players catch my eye, I use the reports to help a bit. If you rely on any site, it will disappoint. Have your own opinion and use the articles to gain angles that you didn't think of. This is as good a hobby as there is. If you don't enjoy it, find another. Sadly, I can draft without a cheatsheet, 365 days of the year. Love it or leave it. Better luck ahead.
  8. Bills vs Titans (MNF)

    I didn't understand the point of going for it. Was never going to sneak that into the endzone. If make it, you buy one more nonrun at it. If ball was on 1 foot line, I agree with going.
  9. Montgomery grabbing his leg

    That is silly talk. Everyone would have started CCar & Russ.
  10. Game predictions = JAllen #1 Start Bench = #10? SOLID STARTERS Josh Allen@MIA Wow, some differing opinions there.
  11. What do you need on MNF? Week 1

    Needed a TD from Waller the Baller. Made me stay up late, but always worth it. 19 targets!! Glad I have him.
  12. Favorite picks this year

    Have 2 teams, these on both, so they are my favorites to root for: Josh Allen - my #1 ranked QB Marquez Callaway - my #1 sleeper reach Mike Davis - starter that will get most everything, that fell too far to pass on
  13. CBS site went down

    We have done a live draft for the last 37 years. Last nite it went down when we were halfway thru. We need to finish later tonight, wtf.
  14. Do you collect trading cards?

    I am a Mets fan & Camp hit that v us. I was watching, as well.