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  1. Wildcard games chat

    Perfect half of field position. Many took Buffalo in Smackbowl. Go Indy!!
  2. OG Check-In

    So old, dk what OG means (old guard?)Here since '98, I think. Text Big F'n Dave every gulf hurricane and House of Pain, every few years. Miss Billy Balata, REZ and all the FLS boys. Best f'n league ever!
  3. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    The GOAT for most of us - Jerry Rice.
  4.  What email address do you use on the site? I have it down you get a free membership and am trying to get it right.

    1. Ramhock


      I have free membership thru 2021-22 per you.



  5. Pimp My MFL Site

    All it would do is delay your retirement by $75-$200.
  6. Our boys in blue

    Double suicide? = not working Well, try this one. http://105464_cop_badweed_1.wmv If it doesn't work, delete this post.
  7. Paging: RAMHOCK

    One week education and listening = ($40 for the 2 hour commute & $562 for 2 weeks of COBRA) One week calling year-old leads = ($40 for the 2 hour commute) One week getting 4 new leads/day = ($2,000 commision for virgin sale) Escaping corporate America = priceless
  8. The British Open

    Absolutely, can't lose.
  9. Civil War enthusiasts

    Just realized about an hour ago that I really enjoed "Killer Angels" and my 10 & 12 years olds hadn't, yet. They said that they rarely see me so excited to tell them about something. Off to the library! The scene in "Gettysburg" where Sam Elliott leads his calvalry group through the orchard and is the first Yankee to see a rebel that far North, is amazing. He saw them a mile away through binocs. This scene is very detailed in "Killer Angels". What a feeling that must have been!
  10. The British Open

    My longshot is Kenny Perry. Been playing well of late and knows how to win (9 career wins).
  11. Poker Hand for Discussion

    All I know is that when he bet to 20K, I would have called and KNEW I was behind.
  12. What Housing Bubble?

    If the guy answers the phone, I will be presenting one of these as my first loan, tonight. Here, in Delaware, the headline in today's paper was that in June, the single month foreclosure record was smashed by 20%.
  13. favorite football announcer

    Ray Scott
  14. YouTube Videos

    They are the singer and bass player. They have other videos on that youtube page. I think they're pretty good.
  15. Who works commission only?

    My benefits are obvious on these types of referrals . . . $. I have 3 RE brokers that will show me business. Aside from treating their clientele with superior service and sending lunch to their office, how do mortgage brokers earn nad keep realtor's business?