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  1. What if...

    they just might be in the bottom 5, and even if their not, if their in the bottom 10 it wouldn't be too hard to move up. the Falcs are a team getting worse, not better
  2. What if...

    The Falcons will select Brohm next year whether Vick is there or not
  3. 2007 Pre-Preseason Consensus

    I'm an ND fan and think they have NO shot this year. They have started to get some of the best recruits again(and their 2008 class is already looking phenominal), but this team will likely be WAY too young this year. New QB, new starting WRs, new starting RB, switch to a new defensive scheme. I'm rooting for them to surprise, but the cards might be stacked a little too much against them this year.
  4. Vick Indicted

    on ESPN's First Take, they read a statement from the commish's office saying that the legal process will take it's course before there is a response from the league. Maybe just blowing smoke up everyone's a$$ but, I think, unfortunately, Goodell will take a wait & see approach instead of just dropping the hammer on this POS Vick
  5. Pick-up truck (of any kind)

    my brother & I both have pickups, the only bad thing is that whenever one of our friends decide to move we both get the first two phone calls
  6. Where did you propose?

    my wife is a BIG sports fan, our first date was at a sports bar, I proposed at the same place a few years later
  7. Supplemental Draft

    The Ravens got a major steal by getting Gaither and having to forfeit only a 5th round pick. Living in MD. I got to see him play a good amount, the guy is MASSIVE and move great for a man his size
  8. Big 12 championship

    It will be real interesting to see what Nebraska does with a QB like Keller.... Nebraska vs. Texas
  9. favorite football announcer

    Aikman & Buck
  10. don't keep QBs, too many out there edit to add:I like Cutler as well, I just don't believe in keeping QBs, keep the other positions and redraft the QB or get another similar one
  11. Are they obligated......

    being a bartender, I would replace the drink without question, simply because it's easier than having to debate who's "fault" it was. Nor would my management want me to debate this. Just replace the drink, the guest is happy and everyone moves on with their night... if the spiller is with friends, I have been known to bring the replacement drink in a kid's cup with a lid to get a laugh
  12. cbs improvements........

    this is the bottom line here. I play in a few leagues that still use sportsline because the other members don't want to switch. I've never had many problems getting on late, but I know plenty of people that have... an argument I use every year trying to get leaguemates to switch to MFL. Sportsline doesn't bother me nearly as much as most in these forums but I definately prefer MFL.
  13. that's not really a knock on Eli since you can say that about pretty much every QB that comes into the league from here on out...
  14. Calvin Johnson or Roy Williams

    I say Roy, if for no other reason than he already has experience in the system and with the QB. Johnson is still a rookie WR regardless of his freakish size & talent.
  15. all-time a favorite NFL players

    Troy Aikman
  16. salary cap in professional sports

    MLB has a luxury tax that forces the teams with a payroll over a certain amount to pay(or "revenue share") with teams below a certain payroll. The problem with many of the teams listed above (the Royals, Pirates, Brewers in particular) is that their owners take that Luxury tax money and either pocket it or use it in other business ventures rather than using it to improve thier teams as it was intended. i don't like the argument that these teams would lose money every year if they paid to get quality players, if they'd improve thier teams and have a solid product on the field then thier stadiums would be full and they wouldn't lose money. The only exception to this is maybe the D-Rays, a pro team should never have been put in Tampa which is and has always been Yankee territory.
  17. The college football mags are starting to hit news stands and, as expected, they are all touting McFadden as the best player in America(as they should be) and they all have the same cast of characters as Heisman candidates....McFadden, Brohm, Slaton, Brennan, Rice....who's your darkhorse for the award since a candidate always seems to come out of the blue to contend? Keller from Neb.? Manningham from Mich.(not a darkhorse name but the position is tough to win from? Yvenson Bernard from Oregon St.? anyone else? I'm getting excited about the season and would just like to see some chatter started...
  18. Borat on DVD

    it was missing from the On Demand version on digital cable as well, I don't think it can be attributed to lawsuits as there was plenty of other Jewsh humor that remained from the original, plus S.B. Cohen is Jewish himself, hard to sue a Jew for jewish humor I would think.
  19. The perfect thread

    every Sunday!
  20. Ocho Cinco beats the horse

    The stunt he pulled at the end where he came up lame and grabbed for his hamstring had to have the Cincy brass clutching their chests until CJ showed he was just joking. Funny, but I was a little surprised he was allowed to participate, even for charity.
  21. What about auction draft's?

    maybe we were drinking and BSing too much in the ones I've done
  22. What about auction draft's?

    I'll agree with you on this point, I like drafting either way, straight or auction, as each style has it's own different strategies, It's just a matter of how long you have to complete a draft. A 12-16 team league creates an all-day affair with an auction, assuming every team is local and can be there in person, I'll never take part in an online auction again.
  23. What about auction draft's?

    I think it has to do with the amount of time it takes to complete an auction draft, having played in a number of auction leagues they take at least two to three times as long as a straight draft and an online auction can take days, a week, or more to complete depending on how it's run. I don't think they'll ever go away totally because it's the only way to ensure that every team has a shot at every player.
  24. QB transfer

    Mustain HAD to transfer to a school that runs more of a pro-style offense if he has any ambitions of being a pro prospect. He played in 13 games last year and threw only 132 passes, not exactly the kind of program to end up on the NFL radar. Even if Sanchez sticks around for his senior year, Mustain will have had 4 years of practicing and/or playing in a pro offense by the time he graduates, so his draft prospects will be much better than staying at Arkansas' run first, second, and probably third style offense.
  25. Les than two months to go...'re right.....way to ruin my high edit to add:despite my inability to read a calander correctly, the question remains the same