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  1. Season Tickets

    I did not want to violate any rules. Is it okay to post anything about game tickets? Season ticket holder for Las Vegas Raiders.
  2. James White

    This. I drooped the rookie NEP RB and got White. Owners in one of my leagues did not like the previous guessing because of Bill. In PPR he is reliable.
  3. Osborn, cephus,

    I edge to Osborn wirh SEA concentrating on Metcalf and Lockett.
  4. SF RB To have?

    Duke wold be a great fit.
  5. Bridgewater named starting QB

    If Watson was in the cards why would DEN and/or HOU wait until the season is about to start or has started? Watson needs a fresh start and would be a great fit for DEN. HOU is a trainwreck right now and if they do trade Watson they will at least get draft picks and maybe a couple key players to help with next year's rebuild.
  6. Tough call with Dynasty. I would side on caution and keep A.Jones. Both have had their fair share of injuries, but not as bad as Barkley. Barkley could turn it around this season, but I do not think I would risk it. He has burned many since he enterred the league. I pretty sure there will not be much to select from by the time rounds 4-5 come around.
  7. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    I thought about doing the same. Taking Watson was a gamble. I could not find any news if he is going to play at all this season. Last update from MFL news was plan for healthy scratch every week. If he does play then the risk as my 3rd QB was worth it.
  8. Fantasy schedule (changes?)

    My mistake. I was looking at the bottom of each page on ESPN weekly schedule and mistook the MNF matchup for bye week. Week 14 is BYE Indianapolis Miami New England Philadelphia
  9. Fantasy schedule (changes?)

    I could understand week 14 bye, but there are teams on byes for each week up to week 16 so there will be some teams that will have players on bye during Fantasy Playoffs. Not sure if that is a strong enough argument against not having an extended regular Fantasy season. I currently have a poll for my league to find out the majority to increase or keep same. If increasing the teams play another out of conference game.
  10. Agree, but you have to give benefit of doubt for his first year. He can still turn it around this year. I like Ekler, but he will not hold up to north/south style of running. Hopefully OC can keep playing to his stregths and keep him healthy. I'm leaning slightly to CEH due to age and more dynamic offense. Ekler might burn again this year with any sort of nagging injury.
  11. Agree with Def. I would go with WR Adams RB Taylor.
  12. No. I would not do that. It's not like Henry is an old man. Big carries the past couple years, yes. Having Henry for 1.11 is good. What are other 10 picks keeping ahead of you?
  13. Who would you pick?

    Adams. Barkley is a risk. Not a horrible risk, but compared to Adams WR is the choice I would go with.
  14. Research on various strains for years yes, but I believe the talk was about the initial strain and now the Delta variant. There simply not enough time for proof of concept 'if you will' on the current vaccines.
  15. Keeping three out of these four...

    Agree with FastSteve. RBs are at a premimum, but I think you can do better than Montgomery.