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  1. A Couple Of Raider Articles...

    Raiders will improve this year. Last season was horrible. At least this season the play should be better with new coaches and jettison of the malcontents.
  2. Super Bowl Champion Colts

    Quote from the movie - "The Goonies"
  3. Fishing for opinions

    I agree with no absolute for the commish. I am commish in one of my leagues; been in the league 11 yrs now; rotating commish's every few years. I have approving authority as the check. The balance is a 75% vote of remaining owners to overturn a trade. This balance keeps everything civil. You can not always please everyone, someone will always disagree about a trade, but if the offended owners can not convience the majority to swing to the vote, then it stands and the offended owner(s) live with the sour grapes. No way for that person to complain anymore unless they are really a &*)&%$, then you just vote that person out of the league. I have had a few trades where owners did not agree. I spoke to the other owners before I approved the trade just to hear their rationale. Their is a fine line between allowing owners to do what is best for their teams and what is in the best interest of the league, hence the check and balance.
  4. Randy Moss

    Well said! I did not like Moss the last couple years at MIN. Maybe Bill can change that. I'm sure NE worked in some type of disclipine clause.
  5. Consensus NFL Mock Draft

    Russell. It should have been Vince Young last year
  6. 2007 Fantasy University Rookies

    DMD, can you please pin this thread? Very useful with rookie drafts coming up.
  7. Jerry Porter Interview

    It will be nice if this was not just PC talk. If Jerry can turn it around, Raiders should be improved from last year.
  8. How will Romo do tonight?

    I also sat Vick and started Romo. Difference of about -9pts. I could have used those points in my conference championship game. Hopefully it does not cost me a trip to the my Superbowl
  9. Colston not on Saints' inactive list

    It was good news that Colston was back this week. Not a strong game, but he finished. Hopefully he is over the injury and will be back strong for me in my Conference Championship game! Now if only Gennings and S.Smith can get back on track I should make the SuperBowl.
  10. Definition of Outcoached and Outplayed.

    I agree also, but with NO having gone through much turmoil last year and the 180 degree move this year diffently will get Brees MVP votes. He has brought back swagger that NO has not seen in many moons. From total despair to winning big and reestablising the franchise as winners, hard to not vote for Brees.
  11. Hey fellow Bears homers - News about John Shoop

    Hopefully this is only for the rest of this year and they bring in someone else, otherwise it will be very hard year again as a fan
  12. Abraham

    Luckily this goose egg did not cost me my win. I know that I will NOT be starting him this weekend.
  13. Abraham

    With Schobel back to below average, I decided to start Abraham since he is healthy. He is still in the game, but has not done anything yet. Hopefully he turns it up in the 2nd half.
  14. Currently 9-2, 1st in my conference and 1st overall, 2nd in total points behind the LT owner. Lost first 2 weeks, then ripped off 9 straight wins! Portis and S.Smith out first few weeks hurt, only lost by 20 and 12 pts. Picking up Colston, Jennings, Romo has helped, but injuries are going to hurt the next 2 weeks. Colston, Jennings with a banged up Farve and loss of Portis. I did get Betts, but he has some tough matchups. Here hoping to those guys getting healthy during playoff weeks or I will have gotten to the show only to lose it all!
  15. lost portis and mcnabb in back to back weeks.

    About the same news for me. Currently looking at a 1st round bye, but I lost Portis and the following do not look good either to me competitive with their injuries DE J.Abraham, WR Colston, WR Jennings, WR R.Brown, RB Foster. I have to rely on WRs Crotchery, Crayton and RBs Green, Betts, Barlow to go along with RB Gore and WR Steve Smith. Hopefully they can get healthy in time for my playoff run.