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  1. Need help to move to IDP

    Thanks guys for the input. This link My sales pitch is what I came up with. I modified the offense to defense position comparison to what I thought matched the closest to our scoring system. Let me know if you think I made a sale or just talking to a brick wall.
  2. Random Number Generator for Draft Slots

    Any news about this tool being made available on "The Huddle" website?
  3. Original huddle members

    I started using the boards in '01, but have been a customer of the website in the late 90's. Not sure if it could be researched or not by last name; Banzali But correct me if I'm wrong, was not the site free at the beginning?
  4. Who would you want Vick or Brady?

    Safe bet is to take Brady. I would go with Vick. You have to remember how QBs like Young, Gannon, Aikeman were not great from the beginning. It takes time for a QB on the average, to improve his play. The main factors that will help, is a stable OL, WR and OC. Vick has the great Gibbs directing the OL and having another year in the WCO will help. He is missing a good #1 WR. Vick will show improvement, but is by far a better QB than Leaf.
  5. I'm one of the Strong MAYBE's. Once the info about salary & contracts are posted I should have a decision.
  6. Random Number Generator for Draft Slots

    I have recently took over commish again (rotate every 2 years). I look forward to using this option on the The Huddle Website!
  7. Thanks Rovers for the input. I closed on Green before the news of a possible swap in positions, but Heard (ATL) will be moving to Safety replacing Bryan Scott. That move should help cancel if Green is moved from Safety. I should have spent the rest of my money on DE vs saving my $125 for rookies, but I had to build up a Taxi Squad. I hoping that Jared Allen (KC) and Trevor Johnson (NYJ), both young guys, can step up from their decent rookie play last year.
  8. I guess I will follow suit.... This is my 1st Dynasty IDP league. DE TB Greg Spires KC Jared Allen MIN Lance Johnstone NYJ Trevor Johnson DL JAX John Henderson DET Shaun Rogers WAS Cornelius Griffin SEA Bryce Fisher Safeties DAL Roy Williams CHI Mike Green AZ Robert Griffith ATL Ronnie Heard CLE Brian Russell PHI Sean Considine-rookie DB SEA Kelly Herndon CIN Torry James LB ATL Edgerton Hartell SF Derek Smith CIN Brian Simmons SD Steve Foley HOU Kailee Wong DET Earl Holmes NE Rosevelt Colvin NYG Kevin Lewis BAL Adaluis Thomas DEN Donnie Spragan DEN Jashon Sykes -Taxi I'm not quite sure how I measure up, but I think I did ok. At LB I tried to stay away from some of the older guys or 1st stringers with alot of injury history. I have some youth and took a chance the Colvin can be back full strength prior to being traded to NE. I opted to go mainly with Safeties vs. CB due to most of the safties consistently get more tackles. I believe by DL is solid, but I think by DE are a are weak. Beaumont is in my divisiion along with Apathy; both have better LB corps, but I believe that some consistent play from my solid players (based on last year stats and age) should keep me competitive.
  9. Better keeper?

    Norv Turner has had an excelent track record with his RBs. (Emmitt, LT, Ricky W.) Jordan will turn out excellent numbers in Norv's offense. Not being biased, but I agree with the consensus that you do not know what MIA will do and also, MIA OL is horrible and needs to be upgraded for any RB to have a chance.
  10. Charles Woodson to Chiefs?

    Agree. I would not mind keep Woodson, but not at his current Franchsie tag price Oakland could use some extra picks to improve the defense.
  11. It's official - Moss a Raider

    EXACTLY!!!! Kerry can throw the deep ball. If Raiders are playing from behind again due to defense, Kerry should do well 2nd year in Norv's offense especially with the Moss/Porter combo. They need to sign a young RB next, hopefully Lamont Jordan. He is a perfect fit for Norv's offense.
  12. Randy Moss has been traded...

    I could only hope that Al has some clauses in Randy's contract about his behavioral issues. But if Moss truly comes to the Raider Nation, he will have the biggest chip on his shoulder to prove the doubters wrong. I'll bank that his playing attitude will change (for the better) due to the Vikings trading him away. Remember how great he played his first few years when he carried the chip of being passed over in the draft? He will be a real threat again for a couple of years until he fades back to his old antics, but a SB win is always a cure all. I'm hoping for a Lamont Jordan or if Mr. Mary Jane decides to play football again to be the Raider starting RB. Henry is nice, but has health issues.....sorry off topic.
  13. Is Tom Brady a Hall of Famer?

    True. Brady will need to prove that he can still perform with different coaching staff. If he can still maintain his leadership skills, QB skills under a different OC, he should be able, in time, to distance himself from the HC Bill as being the reason for Pats greatness. I agree that right now, Bill is the master and Brady is his puppet. If Bill can still continue his winning ways with the loss of Romeo & Weis, then there will be more to talk about. But right now to call Brady a 1st ballot HOF is simply not correct. The Terrell Davis comparison is a very good analogy. Winning is great and is what is the goal for everyone. Winning under adverse situations is what makes you great!
  14. Anyone elses Super Bowl End in a Tie?

    I tied in a SB only once. I lost out due to the order of tie-breakers. Win-Loss record Overall points She had 1 game better win-loss column. But I kicked butt in the overall points. I thought that the order should be reversed prior to the season because we are a performance league.
  15. IDP leagues

    I'm in a performance league as shown in my signature. I'm trying to convince owners to move away from a team defense to IDPs, but keep Special Teams a (team). I'm not sure what is a good combination or amount of IDPs to start off with. There are some in my leauge that want to keep team defense because they do not want to track IDPs or increase the draft. Others want to even the playing field with selecting top IDPs when they miss out on top tier offense skill players. I was thinking of using the standard DL, LB, DB format 3,2,2 (start 2,1,1). I'm not sure if that is too low for beginner IDP owners. I ask my fellow huddlers for some input. I hoping to move my league into more competitiveness and fun.
  16. IDP leagues

    I agree. Thanks Keggz Draft 2-DL, 3-LB, 3-DB Start 1-DL, 2-LB, 2-DB Any other opinions? How do you draft IDPs in your league?
  17. Injuries

    Not as many injuries as you guys. C.Brown TO Mainly TO at DAL cost me my conference championship game. His 5 pts compared to what he would have gotten by games end will end up being the difference. Better to have made the playoffs then not. At least I still have a shot at 3rd place money in next weeks matchup.
  18. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Just lost with Dillon Receiving TD. It was close with his 60+yds and 1 short TD. I might of had a chance if he fumbled, but the 2 receptions and a receiving TD sealed my loss. Now to go to play for 3rd place with out Plax, TO, C.Brown. Playing against: Culpepper, Daunte Smith, Onterrio Westbrook, Brian Boldin, Anquan Jackson, Darrell Smith, Jimmy Akers, David Falcons, DST DST ATL Faulk, Marshall Goings, Nick Green, Ahman Moore, Mewelde Branch, Deion WR Bruce, Isaac Stallworth, Donte' Not sure yet who she will be starting, but it will be uphill due to matchups compared to my roster matchups and injuries.
  19. Monday Night...

    I need Dillon to not get 100yds and NO TDs!!! To make in to the SuperBowl vs. playing for 3rd place money. I have a slim lead. So far, so good. Keep passing Brady, just not to Dillon.
  20. STL vs. CAR S macdonald muffs punt recovered by brad hoover. NFL game stats show it as lost fumble. I agree since it was touched by receiving team and therefore a live ball and change of possession by recovering team (CAR). Any NFL rules to support this? .5 pts separates the 1st round winner to the conference championship.
  21. Is a muffed punt return a Fumble?

    Verdict is in.... It was ruled a fumble as per NFL stats that we agreed to use for website. Even though a muff punt return is not truly a fumble by definition....website and NFL called it a fumble recovered. One of the not so perfect rules (like the Raiders/Pats Tuck Rule). No sense in changing now or next year. We have been living with it since we started the league, no need to change something that requires varying opinions on how the rule is viewed. Arguements could be made about QB/RB exchange. It's always charged to the QB, but instant replay could show that it was the RBs fault. No need to open the can of worms even more. I'm glad that consistentcy was used vs. making the change for 1 game vs. the whole season.
  22. Is a muffed punt return a Fumble?

    We are still waiting for commish and co-commish to decide what will happen. I'm leaning towards consistency of NFL stats until we can vote for a constitution ammendment next season. Either way someone get the short end. I rather it be due to consistency than a one time scoring change. There are too many close games this season to make any changes now that cleary affects those games. Thanks everyone for you input. I will post the decision when it comes down.
  23. Is a muffed punt return a Fumble?

    I still would like some official rule to be posted if possible. So far I have posted a digest from NFL.com that shows the following. Digest of Rules Fumble 1. The distinction between a fumble and a muff should be kept in mind in considering rules about fumbles. A fumble is the loss of player possession of the ball. A muff is the touching of a loose ball by a player in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain possession. 2. A fumble may be advanced by any player on either team regardless of whether recovered before or after ball hits the ground. 3. A fumble that goes forward and out of bounds will return to the fumbling team at the spot of the fumble unless the ball goes out of bounds in the opponent’s end zone. In this case, it is a touchback. 4. On a play from scrimmage, if an offensive player fumbles anywhere on the field during fourth down, only the fumbling player is permitted to recover and/or advance the ball. If any player fumbles after the two-minute warning in a half, only the fumbling player is permitted to recover and/or advance the ball. If recovered by any other offensive player, the ball is dead at the spot of the fumble unless it is recovered behind the spot of the fumble. In that case, the ball is dead at the spot of recovery. Any defensive player may recover and/or advance any fumble at any time. 5. A muffed hand-to-hand snap from center is treated as a fumble. I also posted the following after a google search: If you do a google search for "nfl rules on muffed punt return" you will find plenty of past games where they ruled it a fumble. Below is just one example. http://www.packers.com/news/stories/2003/01/08/2/ I do not think there needs to be a ruling, mainly due to all the past games showing this incident as a fumble. More importantly, there were other close games this season to where the happend and could change the standings prior to 1st round playoff week teams. I'm agreeing with all other past games that this STL muffed Punt Return is a fumble and recovered by CAR Defense/Special Teams. Can anyone find the official NFL rules available without buying the book? Not enough time to get it for Sat. games. Thanks so much in advance, my fellow Huddlers!!!
  24. Eli Manning ... is he a bust?

    Agree about his tough schedule, injuries on both side of the ball. Also, Tom does not open up the offense to at least give a threat of passing the deep ball. NYG should be better once healthy. As far as timing of pulling Warner, Kurt was already on the slope. Tom should have waited if Kurt performed just as bad and out of contention before giving Eli the start.
  25. Manning's "phantom fumble"

    If you look at Team Stats for yesterday's matchup on NFL.com, you will see 1 lost fumble for IND. Also under drive charts, it show the lost fumble by IND. 03:29 0:04 TEN 39 1 -3 Fumble Also in the full play by play it shows the fumble. 1-10-TEN39 (3:29) P.Manning FUMBLES (Aborted) at IND 39, RECOVERED by TEN-R.Starks at IND 39. R.Starks to IND 39 for no gain (E.James). This should clear up on Tuesday morning after final updates.