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  1. Kelly Holcomb.....

    He is only good coming off the bench. When he is the starter, other teams have gameplanned against him and he flopped. Maybe a spot starter for the SD game, otherwise, leave him for some other chump.
  2. Clinton Portis

    Portis value should be better next season. A Lot depends on how Gibbs/Synder improve the o-line. Defense will be stout once players get healthy from injuries. They need to be a pass the buck (Brunell) to some other team or to the bread line (Bears maybe). Hopefully they can find a better QB or OC to call better plays to the strengths of the players.
  3. Nhl Locked Out

    It will be a long fight. If Hockey can promote like the NFL, it would be in better shape financially. But right now, hockey player are getting paid too much for what is gained. Not sure if $$$ amounts of loss reported by owners is accurate, but a loss is a loss; millions are millions. I heard on Sporting News Radio that if or when hockey comes back, they will have a tighter cap if they hope to survive. Players only willing to take a 5% cut right now, but it will not help. Until NHL can generate the $$$ that the other major sports are doing, Player salaries will have to be lower. It got out of hand past few years.
  4. Skybox Access

    Is there any way to reset my password? I thought I was registered, but I did not have the "head" icon, so I went to register. I must have fat fingered something. I would like to keep my same name vs. re-registering with different name.
  5. Skybox Access

  6. I was trying to update my links in my signature line. It did not work when updating old http address, so I started over, but now I get a cheese mark on the bottom left corner that read "Done" and/or "Errors on page" and it does not add my new link. I closed and reopened browser and also restarted computer. No change. Need some help please.
  7. Error when trying to add link to signature.

    FYI in case someone else had similar problem. I found out the problem. I have a desktop anti-virus and had my setting set to extreme. I lowered the protection and the errors on the page went away. I changed my signature with the links I wanted to add, then change my settings back to extreme.
  8. I'm stupid

    Unsuccessful also. I just went ahead and voted and minus my vote from the results. I believe that is the only choice at the moment. Hopefully it can be fixed.
  9. Ideas from the huddled masses

    Agree. It would make the Pro Football forum a little less crazy. It has gotten out of hand the past few weeks. Alot more members than past years.
  10. Pro Football Forum

    Any way to lock this topic to the top? http://members.thehuddle.com/cgi-bin/ubb/u...0998&p=2#000073 It would help greatly. I changed the topic name. Not sure if you can delete all other post replies. Good info to help lower some bickering reply posts that seem to get personal at times.
  11. "Quotes"

    Use whatever you like. Try to be original.
  12. Private Messages

    Is there any kind of alert that can be used to let you know you have messages? I know that you can check your profile each time you log into the forums, but it would be helpful and time saving if such an alert were available.
  13. Private Messages

    I will have to check into that. It has been awhile since I had a PM. I have been checking it the old way. Thanks Big John. :cool:
  14. Images

    I have co-workers that use similar message boards who have option to add images. Is there any reason(s) the Huddle does not have that option?