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  1. Not the news I was wanting to hear My one bright spotlight on my DL will soon be on the spotlight in the courtroom
  2. Benson has a fragile psyche?

    At least SHE is way HOTTER than Mrs. Kurt Warner!!! Damn typo
  3. John Abraham

    Orginally it was reported to be week 5 a couple of days after the injury. Now who knows. Too bad, he really started of hot.
  4. BUF DE Schobel

    Yup. Another low output. Time for the bench.
  5. Steve Smith will play

    I'm still sitting him in 2 leagues. I did not have him for 2 weeks, one more will not hurt just to be sure he is good to go.
  6. LB depth

    Leauge in sigline. We start 2, I have: D.Edwards (hopefully traded to Saints) Vilma Pierce Morrison Crowell I see that Marshall has performed well and is available in my league. Are his numbers a fluke or will be as consistent as Vilma. They both play MLB. Not that I need Marshall, but would like to keep him off the FA market.
  7. I would have kept T.O. and not Steve Smith. I would have kept Westbrook and not Portis. (Westbrook also nicked, but at least starting)
  8. T.Henry TD vulture?

    2 short TDs now for T.Henry. anyone watching the game that can give info?
  9. T.Henry TD vulture?

    I knew they would share some, but 2 at the stripe! Did not expect that.

    Good info Keg!! I'm also challenge for game viewing access. I hope to have this downloaded and working!
  11. Portis may backup Betts tomorrow

    I'm still taking the safe route and sitting him this week. Now watch him go for 150yds & 2 TDs!!
  12. Jerry Porter still acting up

    Hopefully Porter's car was towed! What a 'mustard
  13. IDP Report for 2006

    Excellent work Sarge!!! hopefully the rest of my league overlooks the link!
  14. Blaylock named Jets starting RB

    As a Portis owner, I would hate to take that chance to need to use Blaylock. I'm taking my chances with Gore & C.Brown. others - Portis, Lundy, A.Green
  15. Just picked him up as a #6 WR in my keeper. Hope he pans out, if not, no real loss for me.
  16. I recall that SEA lost the start guard, but KC lost several due to retirement and some with injury concerns.
  17. Joe Gibbs on CP and TJ

    I hope so, I rolled dice and kept Portis despite the recent injury. If he is healed, he should have a monster year.
  18. AJ Hawk

    The Pack signed LB Ben Taylor from CLE, anyone know where he is at on the depth? Is he pushing for starter?
  19. Cedric Benson = Curtis Enis

    Wow, I have not heard the name Curtis Enis in a long time. Hopefully Benson does not follow that path. But as a T Jones owner, I hope T Jones secures the starting spot and continues to show why he is the starting RB. It says a lot when your teammates stick up for you and vice versa when they turn you in.
  20. NYJ IDP Training Camp Report

    Rovers, How is DE Trevor Johnson looking. I see that he had a decent preseason game. Will he make any noise this season now that Donnie is gone?
  21. DD or Big John

    To help keep the board clear.... Suggest to pin a post about rating your draft/team or maybe a separate forum to end until say after week 2? I'm sure the anually flooding will be more since the membership and increased greatly.
  22. DD or Big John

    No problem. PM on its way.
  23. DD or Big John

    Maybe, maybe not. Big John? DD?
  24. For all those worried about Chris Perry and Rudi

    Rudi Rudi Rudi Great news for me in Confusion IDP
  25. Huddle Members

    I would say the accuracy is on the high end. Especially compared to other sites, mags, or knuckheads at ESPN. Keep in mind that you will not find anywhere projections that will be 100% accurate. As the season moves along, there are too many factors that can drastically change the projections. I have been a member for many years and would use nothing else. I laugh at guys that bring their fantasy mags to a draft. That much better for me!!!