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  1. Does J Lewis' injury scare you?

    My thought also. Musa is younger, faster and about equal size to the 33yr old Mike Anderson. Musa should continue to show is value the rest of pre-season that should favor him due to performance. Granted Mike has been a solid guy in Denver, but I find it difficult for a 33yr old RB to move to a new system and perform just as good as his numbers in Denver. If Jamal is still not 100%, it will most likely be RBBC Mike/Musa, until one of them has a stand out game.
  2. Bell vs Bell

  3. Sleeper Strong Safeties?

    Finally one of my Taxi Squad players ready to move up.
  4. Great Info Keg Now do I want to be a nice guy and share with my owners Maybe, maybe not. They can do their own digging. Some are subscribers, but do not visit the forums.
  5. Raiders Jerry Porter demanding trade.

    Oh well for Porter's willingness to do what it takes to win games. Just shut up and perform for the money you got. Just because a new coach comes in and makes you work harder should not justify you being a lady dog about it. Hopefully things will smooth out during camp if Porter can display his skills to the coaching staff. If not, it will be a long season having to hear his mouth. I agree that Raiders will probably not cut him this season, but they can make it hard for him to play if he keeps letting his mouth control his actions.
  6. Morrison starter over Clark in TC

    Just read on MFL NFL news that Oakland might release Clark I can see moving to the youth movement, but he has been solid the last couple of years. If released, he should find a new team quickly.
  7. Dynasty draft....

    What QBs are still available?
  8. Warlocks ready for another shot
  9. 2 years IDP experience, still novice to intermediate in knowledge. I have Vilma in one of my leagues and I keep reading everywhere that the switch the new HC is making will hurt his production. I'm sure there are other LBs in this situation. Can the IDP Guru's please elaborate.
  10. Dynasty draft....

    Agree with consensus. You still need a TE for V.Davis bye week and Troupe is much better than the WRs you listed for WR. I think Hilton will have a solid year and should still be there in later rounds.
  11. McGahee for Boldin

    Tough one. Since dynasty, I believe that your current RBs (Maroney & Addai) have greatest opportunity to learn and be productive in the 2nd year and beyond. You have a solid starting 3 WR - Smith, Boldin, Coles, but your younger WRs will probably take longer to mature into viable starting WRs. I would roll dice and most likely pass on this.
  12. Trade offer for Benson

    Agree with the consensus. There will be plenty of WRs that could help you improve a little bit. It's not likely to find RB who is soon to be full time starter (if not this year, next year for sure) with the 22nd pick. I would rather have good 1,2,3 RBs than trying to get a decent WR. Consistency in RB's IMO is more stable than consistent WRs past top 5.
  13. Travis Henry worth

    He has worth if he is traded or if C.Brown is traded, injured. I think that White will beat out Henry for 2nd spot. Redraft - no value, unless 14-team or higher Dynasty - value due to age and his previous totals before injury and losing his starter status.
  14. #1 pick for Mcgahee?

    Addai still has to show his skills in at NFL speed and pre-season. I also agree with B-Man.
  15. Rule Change Advice

    Agree, one or the other, but not both. If still want to keep the same, keep the 1 round rookie draft from having a contract until after the 1st year. This allows the owner with the worst record to sign to contract after 1st year to see if his player is actually NFL start quality or a bust. Sort of a 1 player taxi squad, so to speak.
  16. I'm the commish for my league listed in my sigline. I had past issues with owner not being active in poll votes. Currently we need a majority with all owners voting, but I want to change the rules for the good of the league. It is a disservice to the rest of the owners who are voting. There is rumblings that some owners might be conspiring to swing the poll their way by not voting. Of course, there is no way to prove that and it is most unlikely to happen, but you know who rumors start. All non-votes are neutral and will count towards the majority (if it is 4-5 count). Or instead of non-votes counting towards the majority, maybe the majority of the votes actually cast will win, even if the count is 3-2. I have seen too many good issues get axed due to lack of participation. If owners do not want to participate, then they have to live with the results. I know that I am not all powerful in doing whatever I want, but it is my duty to keep everything as fair as possible for all owners. Putting this to a vote has been attempted a few years ago and a few owners took offense and said either all owners vote or nothing is valid. Any commish advice on this issue is great appreciated.
  17. Polling Issues (lack of participation)

    That is one of the problems. Everyone always talks about getting involved and be an active owner, but then when it comes down to the voting, only few make the effort. E-mailing, calling and getting other owners to put a boot in the rear have all been tried before with little result. Now I can not force owner to vote, but I can make it so that the owner who do vote can still get items approved.
  18. Polling Issues (lack of participation)

    I'm thinking this is the best solution to change to. If owners are not active or wanting to participate, they will have to live with the results. I personnally think that some owners are just neutral about most items and don't care to express that opinion. Thanks everyone for all the advice and points of view.
  19. Polling Issues (lack of participation)

    It has been done many times over, but still there is always someone that does not reply.
  20. Polling Issues (lack of participation)

    Currently we need to have all owners voting. With a majority of all votes winning. If owners did not vote at all, although a majority would still lead, it would be a failed motion due to not all owners participating. Thus a item for vote could simply fail due to non-participation. If owners were conspiring, they could (in theroy) cause the vote to fail.
  21. Droughns jailed

    Crap! I had already traded W.Green
  22. KC Homers

    DeArrius Howard
  23. Here's to hoping he stick to his decision (barring injury of course)
  24. A Ford F 650?

    That's a HUGH truck Agree it makes the H2 look like a toy. I'm sure the Plax's truck was tricked out, pimp-daddy style.