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  1. Droughns jailed

    Crap! I had already traded W.Green
  2. KC Homers

    DeArrius Howard
  3. Here's to hoping he stick to his decision (barring injury of course)
  4. A Ford F 650?

    That's a HUGH truck Agree it makes the H2 look like a toy. I'm sure the Plax's truck was tricked out, pimp-daddy style.
  5. CBS Sportsline

    I have used CBS for many years except last year. I moved our keeper league there and have not looked back since. - Overprice for the product was a major factor - Scoring Options was the next MFL offers so many options for many kinds of leagues, rules & scoring. You just can't beat it, especially for the price. Yes, I agree not as user friendly, but it only takes a little while for owners who have used a FFL website to adjust to new settings.
  6. Undrafted NFL stars

    Maybe the term "NFL Starter" would be more correct. EDIT: Not to say alot of these players are not star players.
  7. Ah for the days of 1996

    Crayton should have a better year. I'm hoping the Reggie Williams has matured enough to work harder to break out this year.
  8. Favre again

    If Brett stayed out of Walkers business (at least in public/media) he would not be catching this much crap. Maybe his GB god status is finally making his head swell. It is the tough business view for both player & owners. Not guaranteed contracts like baseball. Players can be cut and anytime. Sure there are some contract that have some committed money, but nothing like basball. Ending/not starting a holdout should have got the sides at least addressing the issue to show some good faith, but as always, both sides draw their lines in the sand to see who blinks then regardless (in most cases) get the cold shoulder with no contract talk until after the season. Very tough business, but I know I would play my heart out if someone was willing to pay me millions for playing a game I love.
  9. New Dynasty League

    Here is a link to my dynasty league Confusion IDP constitution The template was take from Fusion. There was some tweaks coming up after our 1st season. This might help you with a template and tweak it to how you want the league to run. I would suggest coming up with some kind of template and get owners to commit via message board, then dive into more details before asking for money. We have a Taxi Squad for rookies (to stash as mention earlier by Voltaire). We also have contract years assigned with a cap of 90 total years, IR slots, FA period, RFA period, annual money for RFA & FA periods, rookie draft, a fairly large roster (35 active for the season & 12 Taxi Squad, 3 IR)...etc...etc... Confusion IDP was my 1st dynasty league and it is GREAT!!! Keep this thread updated and you will find managers to join.
  10. New Dynasty League

    How many keepers? I would be interested, but would need to view some rules before making final decision.
  11. Open spot in 12 team keeper

    I would like to be added to the wait list, if there is one. I need to review the rules and such before committing. I have been looking for another league to join. I'm currently in the league listed in my sig line and Confusion IDP.
  12. Which rookies will hold out?

    whoever is a client of the Poston Brothers
  13. Close to impossible to find these days....

    There are a couple I have not seen before...Great Stuff!
  14. Trading players for round picks

    That is similar to what my leagues rules are. It is much easier NOT to follow what round they were orginally drafted in. With consistency in performing changing for most players, it is not crucial to try to fit when they were orginally drafted. Once keepers are named and only being able to trade those keepers for picks has worked out very well for my league. The player involved in the trade as to be kept, barring major injury of course, then in that case that ower will be allowed to review his roster for another keeper.
  15. New Leagues

    Is there anyway to group together and/or pin new league posts? I know there were a few Dynasty leagues starting, but I do not recall who started the posts. This would help in the near future when the rush starts.
  16. Anyone buy the Draft Mags anymore?

    A waste of money unless you find an updated MAG prior to your draft. "The Huddle" all the way!!!
  17. Childress Traumatized by TO

    I'm willing to see what Childress has to offer as a Head Coach before passing judgement. Granted, Vikes fans will probably be quick to judge after a couple of games, but with all the years of Red, D.Green & Tice, I would think this HC hire as a positive move. I do not think PHI offense has been great over the years, but who's to not say it was Andy making most of the bad decisions vs the OC.
  18. Hutch to Vikes is official

    Agree with money better spent. If the backup guard is at least half as good as Hutch, SEA offense should not lose a beat that starting time and practice could not correct. Walter Jones is the heart of that o-line.
  19. I though you meant Culpepper to Owens in Oakland & McNabb to R.Moss in Philly.
  20. Palmer injury worse than thought

    For the first time I was actually considering keeping a QB in my league (sig line). Looks like I will stick with RB/WR for offense. Either Portis/Westbrook & Owen/S.Smith Bummer, I really think that Cincy is on the road to being a good winning franchise.
  21. New username

  22. Possible Dynasty League Starting...

    Confusion IDP was great!!!! I would be very interested in a Dynasty (non-IDP). As mentioned earlier, I would like to review and have some input in the rules.
  23. TEAM QB Concept - Good or Bad?

    No way would I play in a Team QB league. Owners of P.Manning, Big Ben, Brady, etc...etc... should have planned properly a few weeks before. Not my fault if a QB gets pulled. This is something you live and die by, especially if you do not or refuse to plan for. As mentioned earlier, unless it is a high team league, 16 teams or more, I really do not see the reason for this other than to ensure someone does not get screwed for being lazy in not wanting to plan for such events.
  24. MNF, "Just Lost"

    I'm curious of what type of players & plays just cost you your SuperBowl win. So far so good for me I'm now sporting a 10 point lead due to Brady INT for a TD. Hopefully they continue to run and Brady sits soon.
  25. LB Scoring

    We did not have rules in place this year for IDPs to get offensive points or special teams points. That will change next season. This is the 1st season, as far as I can remember, that more IDPs are playing on offense and acutally performing.