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  1. Huddlers With Championships!

    My 2nd SuperBowl win since 1996. I seem to make it to the playoffs, but not always a SuperBowl appearance. My last SuperBowl appearance was a tie and I lost on the tie-breakers. I'm very happy to final be Champion again!!! (271.10 pts) defeated (258.10 pts) Akers, Umenyiora, S.Smith really hurt me and Vilma was my Savior!! (13-4, 0.5 sack) But his Shockey, Fisher, Plax and Brady subpar performance hurt him worse. My SuperBowl Winning Team: QB- Palmer RB - Portis, Gore WR - S.Smith, Houshmandzadeh Stokley TE - Cooley PK - Akers DL - Schobel, Umenyiora LB - Vilma, Darling DB - BLY, G.Wilson ST - 49ers His Losing SuperBowl Team: QB - Brady RB - Anderson, C.Williams WR - Plax, Holt, R.Smith TE - Shockey PK - Rackers DL - Roye, Fisher LB - Tatupu, Fletcher DB - Dawkins, Clements ST - Chiefs
  2. I need Vilma to have the best game of his life and hope that Brady sits or is very limited. I'm currently sporting a 4 point lead until the 2nd afternoon games are over.
  3. What do you need Sunday Night & MNF?

    Doug Flutie is in!!! I finally Win My SuperBowl!!! It's been quite awhile, but I'm glad I'm back to being the Champion!!!
  4. MNF, "Just Lost"

    Brady is still playing and does decent. Thank God Vilma is performing above normal and keeping me in the lead. 17 pt lead for the NE with 7:15 left. Hopefully they pull Brady out now or at the very least, keep running so Vilma can rack up more tackles (11-4 with 0.5 sack is Outstanding!!!)
  5. Do the Pats ever run the ball...

    2 TDs so far with Dillon. I'm hoping that now the game is 3 scores ahead, they sit Brady.
  6. Brady News

    There is news already on the huddle main page that Palmer will sit. So most likely KC will win and NE does not need Brady. I'm also one of many that does not need Brady in this game, unless is is throwing INTs to my LB Vilma.
  7. What do you need Sunday Night & MNF?

    Oh Crap!!! I should have picked up the only QB he could start....Bollinger :doah: I'm probably screwed either way, but hopefully Brady sits after the 1st or 2nd series. Bollinger will play the whole game.
  8. What do you need Sunday Night & MNF?

    That looks to be a nailbitter for sure! Good Luck!
  9. What do you need Sunday Night & MNF?

    I now have a 5.5 point lead with my Vilma vs his Brady. I'm praying to the Fantasy Gods to deactivate Brady or at least 1 or 2 series with 3 and outs!!! and for Vilma to have his best game of the season and running back a turnover for a TD for good measure.
  10. This ATL/TBB OT game.....

    This OT game is giving my opponent (C.Williams) more chances to catch me!!!
  11. Steve Smith Ejected!

    From what I barely caught, it was nothing horrible. C'mon this is a critical game, it's not like he hit, chest bumped, or pushed the ref. This will probably cost me my SuperBowl.
  12. Gore!

    A Touchdown!!! Other than Hicks big run is is 5 for 2yds. Hopefully Gore continues to get more carries.!!!
  13. Gore!

    30 yd TD, YES!!! Keep on fighting GORE!!! I feel much better now!!!
  14. With Gore (shoulders) now splitting time with Hicks... S.Jackson (hip pointer) now starting over M.Faulk... Is anyone thinking about D.Rhodes replacing Edge? I'm starting to think so, especially with 15 minutes to game time.
  15. Edge sitting

    A few minutes to late.... I rather go with a RB that gets all the carries vs Gore splitting with Hicks...
  16. Last minute starting RB updates...

    Lets go Gore...Lets Go!!! Please Fantasy Gods, let me have my best chance to win my SuperBowl.
  17. Last minute starting RB updates...

    Gore did very well against a much better JAX defense vs today's STL defense. I'm most likely sticking with Gore. Hicks will probably get some carries. Rhodes will probably get the bulk with Edge most likely only playing 1.5 quarters.
  18. Last minute starting RB updates...

    Dunn is still starting with a hammy, not sure if Duckett will get more carries if Dunn struggles
  19. Palmer today

    I'm fine with that, 1 TD is better than none.
  20. Frank Gore

    I'm in the same boat. I can still get Hicks, but who knows how much Gore will really split. I think that STL run defense is worse than SF run defense as of late, so I'm going with Gore over Faulk. Here's hoping to get lucky.
  21. Palmer today

    I'm double-dipping, the TD passes need to go to Housh.
  22. Frank Gore

    Another update from MFL news: 49ers | Hicks will start Week 16 Published Sat Dec 24 12:28:00 p.m. ET 2005 (KFFL) Nick Wagoner, of StLouisRams.com, reports San Francisco 49ers RB Maurice Hicks will start the Week 16 game with RB Frank Gore (shoulder) available as a backup. Who is the better start? Hicks or Gore?
  23. Palmer today

    I'm really hoping he does not have a off day. The matchup is very good, but I have not checked the weather yet. Make or break, I'm starting Palmer. Garrard is my only other option.
  24. Frank Gore

    From the huddle homepage: Kevan Barlow - Local radio in San Francisco is reporting that Barlow will be inactive for today’s game. Frank Gore will start. I still plan on starting him, but also S.Jackson will not play, so M.Faulk might be another pickup.