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  1. Palmer today

    I'm double-dipping, the TD passes need to go to Housh.
  2. Frank Gore

    Another update from MFL news: 49ers | Hicks will start Week 16 Published Sat Dec 24 12:28:00 p.m. ET 2005 (KFFL) Nick Wagoner, of StLouisRams.com, reports San Francisco 49ers RB Maurice Hicks will start the Week 16 game with RB Frank Gore (shoulder) available as a backup. Who is the better start? Hicks or Gore?
  3. Palmer today

    I'm really hoping he does not have a off day. The matchup is very good, but I have not checked the weather yet. Make or break, I'm starting Palmer. Garrard is my only other option.
  4. Frank Gore

    From the huddle homepage: Kevan Barlow - Local radio in San Francisco is reporting that Barlow will be inactive for today’s game. Frank Gore will start. I still plan on starting him, but also S.Jackson will not play, so M.Faulk might be another pickup.
  5. Housh injury anyone worried enough

    Same here. Housh will be better than Driver. I have no problems starting Hous. Cincy really needs a win, fighting for the bye.
  6. Bears safeties

    Mike Green has been dirt for awhile now. Mainly a special teams guy now.
  7. Frank Gore

    I'm starting Gore in my SuperBowl this week. He is the best option with the best matchup (from free agent pool). My other choices to pair up with Portis are: G.Jones - neck stinger, splitting with Fraud, good matchup vs Texans Gado - IR M.Turner - only if LT is very limited or out (Risky Play) Stecker - did ok last week, his return yds is a plus, good matchup vs Lions Gore - upgraded to probable and Barlow is out this week, good matchup vs Rams Unless Gore shoulders are worse than what the team has reported, he has the best chance at having a very good game. Look for Hicks if you hear word that Gore is downgraded to questionable again.
  8. Are you as lucky as me this year?

    My situation is a little different. I am the highest scoring team and lowest points allowed. Now that I'm in the SuperBowl, I'm limping in. I have lost the following: McAllister (draft pick trade) Westbrook Gado Owens A.Pierce My players for the quest to the championship: QB-Palmer RB-Portis & (Stecker, Gore, G.Jones, M.Turner) WR-S.Smith, Housh (injured), (Driver, Clayton-BAL) TE-Cooley (Miller) K-Akers (Kasay) LB-Vilma, Darling (Pierce & Thurman injured), (A.Davis) DL-Umenyiora, Schobel DB-G.Wilson, Bly (Pope,Wesley) ST-49ers My RB & WR situation is shaky. I'm taking the matchup approach with Bly, Darling and most likely will start Gore vs. STL. I was thinking very hard about picking up Stokely rather than go with Driver or Clayton-BAL. If only Owens could keep hiself in check, A.Pierce did not get hurt and/or Westbrook did not get hurt, I would be coasting easily to the championship. EDIT: just read my team report that Gore is questionable.
  9. Cooley & Brunell

    I really glad that Cooley had a huge game!!! I needed to counter-balance the Tiki Barber butt-kicking I took on Saturday. All I need now is for Farve to pull one last MNF magic performance by throwing to Driver.
  10. I started Garrard over...

    I had finally drop Brunnell for Garrad. Only to keep his matchup from the other teams. Thank god I never benched Palmer at all this season!
  11. Slow Down Bengals...

    Agree But another TD pass to Housh would help me seal the deal. I'm up by 40, but would like a larger lead just to be safe. I have 2 LBs and 1 DE going against my WR Driver.
  12. Slow Down Bengals...

    Ask and you shall received!!!
  13. Slow Down Bengals...

    I agree. I need Palmer & Housh to have big games!!!
  14. Antonio Pierce

    Any word on who is locked in taking his place?
  15. Need NFL links

    An unusual request. I have a team paper due next week and I'm having trouble find sites for the following: 1) Video clips for NFL hardest hitters 2) Pictures of fans dressed up (barrel man-Denver, Vikings, dawg pound, cheesehaeds, etc...) I could have sworn that there was a contest site for best dressed NFL fans. 3) Notable quotes or phrases - example:"Broadway Joe" guarantee win 4) player nicknames - refrigerator Perry, Mean Joe Green, Ed "Too Tall" Jones, etc... 5) List and/or video clips of unusual and/or famouns plays: holy roller, the catch, INT or FBR run backwards Any assistance for the huddlers would be greatly appreciated.
  16. McGahee wants traded?

  17. Need NFL links

    Can anyone help with some video links. NFL hardest hitters or That guy that jumped out of the stands to catch a FG or Clips of unsual plays. Thanks to everyone that has helped so far.
  18. Zach Thomas

    Not being 100% sure on a report from doubtful to not being report in a 2 day span, made a risky choice to start/sit him. I sat him and it most likely cost me my game vs Beaumont in Confusion IDP.
  19. Who cares about the games?

    I have to see! PM please.
  20. Need NFL links

    I have gone back to college. I have a group term paper about history of football and need some visuals to add.
  21. Need NFL links

    Thanks guys, especially Big John. This gets me going in the right direction. Hopefully others can still help. Video clips of big hits and/or injuries would be key. I know that there was a post for the worse injuries in the NFL, but do not know what the title of the post was.
  22. Need NFL links

    I found a list of some team mascots, but no pictures yet. Team Mascots
  23. Lamont Jordan vs the Jets

    Same here! I need Jordan to have a huge game so I can beat out Beaumont in Confusion IDP.
  24. Ray Lewis

    I thought I read it was a hammy surgery. If so, why the long wait before opting for surgery?
  25. Trade Deadlines

    It was week 10 when we were redraft, but when we moved to keeper it was change to week 13 so owners can make moves for next season. So far having a week 13 trade deadline has not been a problem.