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  1. Exactly!!! Not sure if Cowher could have challenged if Sproles was in no position for a 2nd try to make a fair catch. Terrible call and rule, I'm sure it will be discussed in the offseason meetings.
  2. Peyton and the Bulg next MNF?

    Yup. Manning going for me in MVP week 6
  3. Stats Question

    Here is one answer I got from MFL support. "2-point conversions don't generate NFL statistics like that. They're either good or failed. The offense doesn't get attempts, completions or yardage, and the defense doesn't get INTs or pass defended stats." Makes sense. It was not from the Admin (Kevin), but someone answered.
  4. Published Mon Oct 10 12:51:00 p.m. ET 2005 (KFFL) Jay Glazer, of FOXSports.com, reports New Orleans Saints RB Deuce McAllister (knee) had an initial test on his injured knee, which showed a torn ACL. He will have a second opinion before deciding definitely on the season-ending surgery. All indications are that the Saints will have to continue without him for the remainder of the year.
  5. Would you accept Mike Anderson/Witherspoon for Ricky Williams? I think he might bite since he is a Bell owner. I assume more of the risk since Ricky has not hit the field yet since his suspension. My roster Anderson, Mike DEN RB 90.00 McAllister, Deuce NOS RB 116.90 Portis, Clinton WAS RB 91.70 Westbrook, Brian PHI RB 152.10 Dansby, Karlos ARI LB 82.10 Davis, Andra CLE LB 77.50 Pierce, Antonio NYG LB 74.90 Vilma, Jonathan NYJ LB 112.00 Witherspoon, Will CAR LB 56.00 His Roster Barlow, Kevan SFO RB 86.50 Bell, Tatum DEN RB (P) 86.50 Davis, Stephen CAR RB (P) 109.10 McGahee, Willis BUF RB 121.40 Williams, Ricky MIA RB Bell, Kendrell KCC LB 18.00 Gold, Ian DEN LB 53.40 June, Cato IND LB 100.90 Urlacher, Brian CHI LB 75.20
  6. Torn ACL Hopefully you guys trading got the deal sealed already.
  7. MFL reports McAllister out for the Year!

    I doubt that. Though that will start alot of conversation. Ricky probably would go back to the pipe if they traded him back to the Saints.
  8. MFL reports McAllister out for the Year!

    McAllister getting a 2nd opinion. I'm thinking he is done regardless. At best if not completely torn he will not be back until week 11 (after the bye) at the earliest. And probably not effective. Hypothetical - Any thoughts to add about a small ACL tear (if that is what the 2nd opinion shows) I do not see how he can come back.
  9. MFL reports McAllister out for the Year!

    My bad. I got caught up ony glancing at the Saints schedule while trying to figure out who to pickup, Stacker or A.Smith. Probably both until more news comes out.
  10. MFL reports McAllister out for the Year!

    From the article: "Antowain Smith and Aaron Stecker are listed behind McAllister on the Saints' depth chart at running back. Smith had 12 carries for 36 yards in Sunday's loss to Green Bay." A.Smith is a bruiser, but slow. Stecker is a better option, but not sure how bad his ankle injury is. Saints have a great matchup next week vs the Vikings, rated last in Rush Defense.
  11. MFL reports McAllister out for the Year!

    I'm guesing Stecker, he did well when Deuce was hurt last time, but Stecker was listed questionable this week with an ankle injury.
  12. Stats Question

    If Gold did tip the ball, I thought that would count as a Pass Defensed since he tipped it and it was not caught. It might be under the MFL support pages for an update on a scoring error.
  13. Ricky Watch: Chapter 10

    Hmmmmm..... wonder if anyone thinks Ricky will take over as the #1 RB in MIA? I think it is possible, especially if he is near the same weight pre-retirement. Ronnie is the future, but if Ricky is back to form, he will help keep MIA defense off the field.
  14. Steve Smith

    Steve has been great for my team. I got him at 3.7 to team up with my keeper Owens. Too bad that Owens was shut down this week. Steve will be in the top 10 WR this season. Hopefully he will be more consistent every week for the rest of the season.
  15. Julius Jones injury serious?

    I would think that if JJ injury is serious, that Anthony Thomas would be starting over the rookie due to experience and blocking/blitz pickup.
  16. Unlimited waiver wire moves

    This is our 1st year using unlimited, mainly due also being our 1st year converting to IDP. In the past we had 20 waiver a year. But with our setup below, having 20 was not enough to support IDP. I'm not sure how many players you have for each team, but we are required to keep 29 players at all times. No open slots. With the amount of players each team has in our league, there are some good FA pickups each week, but not a whole lot. Mainly trying to find that hopefu great matchup or a bye/injury week filler. There are always a few gems to be found after a few weeks. If there are too many issues with the unlimited waivers (FCFS), then keep all the dropped players on waiver list that follows waiver rules (worst to first, etc...) Currently my league only keeps waived (locked) players for 1 week, but in the past we kept the waiver list for the whole season. After a few weeks the FCFS request dropped alot due to the FA pool being drained from the flurry of waivers. It's nice to draft good base, but winning teams are made by moves made during the season. Injuries, slumps, coaching changes, demotions are not able to be predicted.
  17. S.Smith?

    It almost happened! Knocked away from Steve Smith in the Endzone.
  18. Of course I cut Grant and he has a pretty good game. He still might be out there after another good week. I might be able to sneak him back in my lineup then.
  19. Most Consistent Player You Own

    Most consistent: LB - Vilma S - G.Wilson LB - Pierce & A.Davis will be soon. Witherspoon was until he recent injury I have no worthy DE to mention.
  20. MNF: What do you need to win.

    I need another big day from CAR WR Steve Smith and some FGs from CAR K John Kasay (a few long FGs would be preferable). I have the chance to be the only 4-0 team!
  21. Madieu Williams

    Sounds like IR to me.
  22. Yup. ATL d-line is nothing like BAL d-line. Its still possible they could improve and free up Hartwell to make plays. Grant also, I already dropped him in one of my leagues.
  23. Brandon Lloyd?

    I dropped Reggie Williams and picked up Lloyd for my #5 WR. He is worth a spot. With TE Eric Johnson IR, Rattay will be looking to Lloyd more.