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  1. 11 hours ago, purplemonster said:

    I would not be shocked if JW has the highest lifetime waiver adds and drops, the guy is perennially on the bubble. But Mac probably is going to use him quite a bit given his tendencies and skills and not wanting to turn the ball over. AMD JW is always the same. A little better than you expect. Sometimes great, but rarely awesome or terrible. 




    I drooped the rookie NEP RB and got White.

    Owners in one of my leagues did not like the previous guessing because of Bill.

    In PPR he is reliable. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, osubuckeyeman36 said:

    Denver might be looking at Watson still. I'm sure they thought they had a shot at Rodgers, which would explain the mindset of the pass-on Fields.


    If Watson was in the cards why would DEN and/or HOU wait until the season is about to start or has started?


    Watson needs a fresh start and would be a great fit for DEN.


    HOU is a trainwreck right now and if they do trade Watson they will at least get draft picks and maybe a couple key players to help with next year's rebuild.

  3. Tough call with Dynasty.


    I would side on caution and keep A.Jones.  Both have had their fair share of injuries, but not as bad as Barkley.


    Barkley could turn it around this season, but I do not think I would risk it.  He has burned many since he enterred the league.


    I pretty sure there will not be much to select from by the time rounds 4-5 come around.

  4. 15 hours ago, darin3 said:


    Right.  Gonna just roll with the one D and take a 0 for just one week.  


    I thought about doing the same.  


    Taking Watson was a gamble.  I could not find any news if he is going to play at all this season.  Last update from MFL news was plan for healthy scratch every week.


    If he does play then the risk as my 3rd QB was worth it.

  5. 2 hours ago, Henry Muto said:


    Your biggest issue is your going to have 4 teams on bye week 14 which is not needed.  Just move to a 14 game schedule with playoffs weeks 15-17.


    Your really going to be crushing some teams that make the playoffs who have guys on bye using week 14 as a playoff week.


    I do not understand why anyone would not want to push the season into week 17 now that there are 18 weeks to the year.  Yes a team could end up resting some guys for 2 weeks but that could have happened in a 17 week season for weeks 16 before and almost never happened so this should change nothing.


    Someone is going to be pretty pissed if they have Taylor and make the playoffs and he is on bye week 14


    I could understand week 14 bye, but there are teams on byes for each week up to week 16 so there will be some teams that will have players on bye during Fantasy Playoffs.


    Not sure if that is a strong enough argument against not having an extended regular Fantasy season.


    I currently have a poll for my league to find out the majority to increase or keep same.  If increasing the teams play another out of conference game.

  6. On 8/16/2021 at 8:22 PM, League_Champion said:

    I'm not impressed at all with CEH. If he can't put up huge numbers in that offense then something is wrong. 


    Agree, but you have to give benefit of doubt for his first year.  He can still turn it around this year.


    I like Ekler, but he will not hold up to north/south style of running.  Hopefully OC can keep playing to his stregths and keep him healthy.


    I'm leaning slightly to CEH due to age and more dynamic offense.  Ekler might burn again this year with any sort of nagging injury.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Bobby Brown said:

    Emergency approval is used for manufacturing and distribution.  There were no corners cut in clinical trials.  Vaccine research on previous strains of CV have been ongoing for decade.  


    Research on various strains for years yes, but I believe the talk was about the initial strain and now the Delta variant.


    There simply not enough time for proof of concept 'if you will' on the current vaccines.



  8. 1 minute ago, LordOpie said:

    Good post.

    Just a reminder that these jabs aren't a vaccine, it's gene therapy, which had never been tried before.

    We're all involved in the largest clinical trial ever.

    Some of us are in the control group.


    Agree.  Some people here became very sick after shot(s) and others barely any symptoms.


    Speculation is vaccine not effective if no symptoms felt after shot(s).  I do not know.  I tried finding any ariticles or news about it and just gave up.


    Now there talk about taking booster shots depending on which version of shot you got.  CRAZY!!!


    My joverseas job is tied to being vaccinated so I have to roll with the punches or look for other work.  Hopefully just being vaccinated holds as the standard until more results from testing is made public (if released).

  9. Issue with many I talk to civilian and military is they do not believe in the effectiveness and safety.  Remember the vaccine was rushed through and approved for emergency use.  The vaccine did not go through the many phases and trials before FDA deemed effective and safe.


    Thrown in Fauci flip floping on information and all the main stream news media pushing 'whatever' narritive causing more doubt.


    I'm vaccinated and flown many times overseas and back to the US.  Protocols in place at every country along the way during layovers.


    FDA and spam companies still need to go through the normal process/testing.


    To my knowledge the FDA has only approved for emergency use only.  I may be wrong as I am not following closely.  


    Overseas is the same thing.  You have to be vaccinated and carrying around a shot card certificate and/or the country's tracking app if you want to go anywhere.  If no creditentials, no access.  All you have access to is just being outdoors.

  10. For a 10 team leauge all conference/divsion play each other twice and out of conference/division once.


    I would have to make sure the extra game is another out of conference division game.  I'm hedging that owners would complain that 4 of 5 would get an extra conference/division game and one left out.


    We have standings for playoffs based on conference/division records.  1 team being left out would be an issue.

  11. In my main league (10-team keeper/IDP) we currently are keeping 13 weeks for regular season and playoffs/Super Bowl weeks 14-16.


    Question is anyone changing their league schedules to accomodate the 18 week season?


    I assuming 12 team or higher will.


    I would like to here opinions as I have other leagues.

  12. we had 6 pts for all TDs. 


    We did have bonus for QB rush/receive TD, WR/TE pass/rush TD, RB pass/receive TD.


    a few years back we switched to QB passing TDs to 4 pts.


    I do not think it matters too much as long as one position is not terribly lopsided in the scoring.  If everyone in the league agrees to the scoring system, no issues.



  13. CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reports the league notified the Titans, Steelers, Vikings, and Texans that it may be forced to reschedule both contests for Week 4.

    The league reportedly told the Steelers to proceed with game preparations against the Titans, which were forced to shut down its facilities until Saturday following eight new positive tests among the organization. Minnesota's facitilites, which provided 0 positive tests as of Tuesday afternoon, were also evacuated until further notice. The NFL is still discussing plans for postponement which include pushing both games to Monday/Tuesday night or rescheduling bye weeks to assist with games in Weeks 7 and 8. All ideas are on the table.

    Sep 29, 2020, 11:50 AM ET

  14. how would the NFL schedule later game date to make up the delay?


    It's not as easy has basketball or baseball they have a lot of games in a season.


    I would love to see what the NFL contingency plans are for this.  I'm sure they have something.


    Maybe add another week at end of season since it will be likely this will happen to other teams.  Would have to push the Super Bowl date too.

  15. If you need upgrade at other positions Henderson is a sell high.


    I think he keeps lionshare of carries in Rams 3-headed backfield.  Akers will eventually work his way back in, but it's Henderson's opportunity to grasp the lead role.


    Moss is your weakest RB right now.  He is your dead weight to drop.