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  1. CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reports the league notified the Titans, Steelers, Vikings, and Texans that it may be forced to reschedule both contests for Week 4.

    The league reportedly told the Steelers to proceed with game preparations against the Titans, which were forced to shut down its facilities until Saturday following eight new positive tests among the organization. Minnesota's facitilites, which provided 0 positive tests as of Tuesday afternoon, were also evacuated until further notice. The NFL is still discussing plans for postponement which include pushing both games to Monday/Tuesday night or rescheduling bye weeks to assist with games in Weeks 7 and 8. All ideas are on the table.

    Sep 29, 2020, 11:50 AM ET

  2. how would the NFL schedule later game date to make up the delay?


    It's not as easy has basketball or baseball they have a lot of games in a season.


    I would love to see what the NFL contingency plans are for this.  I'm sure they have something.


    Maybe add another week at end of season since it will be likely this will happen to other teams.  Would have to push the Super Bowl date too.

  3. If you need upgrade at other positions Henderson is a sell high.


    I think he keeps lionshare of carries in Rams 3-headed backfield.  Akers will eventually work his way back in, but it's Henderson's opportunity to grasp the lead role.


    Moss is your weakest RB right now.  He is your dead weight to drop.



    • NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reports the Titans had three players and five personnel test positive for COVID-19.

      It's the first true breakout the league has faced, forcing the Titans and Vikings (Tennessee's Week 3 opponent) to suspend all in-person activities and continue working closely with the NFL, the NFLPA and infectious disease experts to ensure all protocols are met. There's also an above-average chance Sunday's Steelers-Titans game is postponed since Tennessee will be out of their own facilities until Saturday. One would imagine the league prepared for this scenario given the current times, but it's a situation to monitor nonetheless ahead of Week 4.

      Sep 29, 2020, 10:17 AM ET


  5. unless you are targeting a specific player and only want that player I would send out multiple offers.


    You choose the trade you like if you receive multiple offers.


    Mind you most offers usually are low ball unless you are dealing with fair and serious owners (usually multiple years experience)

  6. 10 hours ago, indyrckstar said:

    I had a feeling Mack wouldn't last the season.  I draft JT in round 5.


    I have JT, CEH, Barkley and DJohnson.   Sad thing is I am more worried about Barkley than others due to he OLine sucking.


    PIT defense line is a monster.  I would not worry until you see how NYG O-line performs this week.

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  7. Got J.Reed in a waiver as soon as I read the news.  If anything to keep him away from Kittle owner.


    Hopefully more news comes out about Kittle injury.  I got J.Reed in another league and it would be great trade bait.

  8. You had depth at RB to wait and see.


    I can't see Thomas coming back until after week 6 bye.  Why would they chance it.  Maybe if they have a crap game against LVR they would want to get him back in a couple weeks.  Not an easy injury to return from early, but you never know.


    Taylor is in perfect position to excel as each week goes by, but at expense of the WR1 is tough.  Hopefully Fuller stays healthy, Samuel returns healthy.

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