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  1. 2020 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    Loch Ness Monsters invite Jarvis Landry (WR, CLE) from San Dimas to come and join them at the bottom of the league.
  2. 2020 Draft Order - Dice Roll Results - POST HERE

    On August 15, 2020 GooseAmbassadorToJapan rolled 5D1000 GooseAmbassadorToJapan chose to roll using these parameters once.The result of roll 1 is: [490, 321, 633, 444, 802] -->2690<-- This roll is for Black Sails Dice Roll
  3. 2020 Privateer Crew List - please check in

    Definitely in, as long as the season goes ahead. I've just sent you a PM.
  4. 2020 Privateer Crew List - please check in

    Well, this is confusing. I came here to say that I'll be in, and my name is one the list of players who are out. Did I declare out months ago and have forgotten about it?
  5. 2019 Black Sails Official Plundarrrrrr Thread

    Loch Ness Monsters be plunderin' Darren Waller, TE, from We Ho Coxswains Mayhap he can plug some o' the leaks in this accursed vessel...
  6. Week 5 Milk Carton!!!!!

    Come on, Nuk!!
  7. Week 4 milk carton

    Does anyone know what's happening with him? Just a bad game? Is the playcalling going against him, or does he look as if he's struggling with an injury?
  8. Week 4 milk carton

    A lot of doughnuts on my rosters this week. I'll start things off with - Josh Gordon Nick Boyle Bennie Fowler And in the not-zero-but-underperforming stakes we have - DeAndre Hopkins Adrian Peterson
  9. Milk Carton Week 2

    Vernon Davis, Josh Gordon and Dede Westbrook
  10. Week 1 Milk Carton 2019!!!!!

    Message to the Miami Dolphins - you are currently in a match. The way it works is that you advance the ball towards your opponent's end zone through a mixture of rushing and passing, and you score points when one of your players enters the end zone in possession of the ball. The general sentiment prevailing around the league is that the more points you score, the better. You see your opponent's fans? You see how happy they are? That's because their team has scored more points. Try it. What's the worst that could happen?
  11. 2019 Draft Chatter

    I see somebody's picked Andrew Luck. As this is something of an unprecedented situation, are we going to do something about or will we just have to let the pick stand? For my part, I wouldn't be opposed to letting them pick again, or perhaps giving them Jacoby Brissett in his place. Obviously it's for the commissioner to decide, but perhaps we should see what the owners think.
  12. BoTH league 32 HomARRRRRRs needs more Pirates!

    I've been a member of this league for the last two or three years and can confirm that it's GREAT fun, with knowledgable, committed owners who are all forum members. This is an excellent opportunity to get into a really good league!
  13. Rolling Th' Bones

    Listen good, ye scoundrels. This be forrrrrrrrrrr the Loch Ness Monsters - On August 6, 2019 GooseAmbassador rolled 5D1000 GooseAmbassador chose to roll using these parameters once. The result of roll 1 is: [171, 89, 307, 35, 616] -->1218<-- This roll is for Black Sails Dice roll