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  1. The perfect thread

    in and out
  2. Can your iPhone do this?

    Photosynth Looks real to me. Very cool!
  3. My old soldier went home today

  4. Awesome video!

    Yeah, that one is in the Youtube thread. Pretty amazing footage.
  5. Holy Crap, I'm a Daddy!

  6. Local Radio

    Golf on the radio?
  7. Looking for a new TV

    I noticed the one you linked to is a 720p. I would think you would want one with 1080i at a minimum.
  8. Terribly sad. mega-prayers sent
  9. prayers to Polk and family
  10. 20k

    State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
  11. Send Prayers

    Prayers to your brother and your family.
  12. Prayers Needed Desparately

    Prayers to your fiancee and you, Jax. I hope all turns out for the best.
  13. Hey winos

    Sounds like a winner
  14. Need a boy name

  15. 88 years, 48 days

    Combined age of Jamie Moyer and Randy Johnson. They faced each other last night...Phillies at DBacks