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  1. Briggs, Bears Close to Deal

    Everyone sobers up, eventually...
  2. Grey's Anatomy vs. Thursday Night Football

    Solid advice-thanks Rock. But am I smart enough to learn ????
  3. Grey's Anatomy vs. Thursday Night Football

    I got off on the wrong foot when I got home and blurted out "Hey-would you mind skipping Horny Hospital tonight? There's a big game on the NFL Network" I enjoyed the game on the little TV in the basement....
  4. T.Barber or F.Taylor

    Horrible timing as our waiver wire and trade deadline closed for the season as of last week... Wish I could grab Harris, but I'll have to plug in A-Train. I'm also expecting to be missing Colston. We play 2 RB, 2 WR or TE and 1 RB or WR/TE flex and as you can see in my sig, I'm short on attractive options at WR...
  5. T.Barber or F.Taylor

    Oops! I meant "just 27 yards"...
  6. what the @$% is up with Kevin Jones?

    I have a feeling that Jones will be counted out for a while-he's not known to be a "fast healer"...
  7. T.Barber or F.Taylor

    Tiki-just yards...
  8. chester Taylor

    Sit Chester, then watch Jones and Colston get carted....

    Thanks !
  10. Week 11 - Which 2 RBs to Start?

    Rudi & TJ-if you can stomach sitting Tiki. Bengals will need to ball-control vs. NO and Jones is up against a bad Jets D. Good luck.
  11. WR help

    Wish I had that dilemma.... Tough picks but I'd go Roy Williams and Stallworth as the 2. SD-Den could be low scoring and SEA has many weapons. Good luck and thanks for seeing mine.
  12. Rudi or Frank? Andre, Reggie, or DJax?

    1-Rudi 2-Reggie & Andre Thanks for seeing mine-good luck.
  13. Agree on Lundy as the expected full-time guy should always have the edge. Good luck and thanks for seeing mine.
  14. Who would you start?

  15. Jacobs or Deangelo

    Jacobs-the TD machine...