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  2. Anyone else get screwed over?

    EXACTLY!! when the opponent is down and bleeding, then twist the knife and put them out of their misery. I thought the game calling was nothing short of masterful. The Cowboys looked stunned and mentally fatigued. Who runs a reverse to pick up 1-2 yards on 3rd and short? Who kicks an onside kick in that situation? The element of surprise and good play calling was quite evident last night. And I was facing Brees...ouch...but that game plan was one of the best I've seen in a while.

    He's good, but not the number 1. As long as LT is playing like he is, then he's clearly the best Fantasy player.
  4. This is it playoffs

    I agree with this. All 3 have had good success lately and it should continue today.
  5. QB Help

    I need 1 from these guys, so who do you with?
  6. QB Help

    Rivers v. DEN - It's the LT show and they have good CBs. Alex Smith v. GB - One of the worst defenses in the league against the pass, take the chance? Garrard v. IND - Burned them hard last meeting, but IND ranks third against the pass. Could be the Taylor/MJD show. Need one to start today. Who would you go with? Leave a link or reply and I will gladly return the favor. Thanks!
  7. wdis at WR

    Start Holt and Cotchery.
  8. I think Romo will be fine. At WR I would go with Bryant and Caldwell.
  9. WDIS WRs

    Wayne and Branch. Mason is tempting, but playing in Arrowhead will be difficult and this could be a low scoring game.
  10. I think Houston will be big this week. He could easily duplicate his performance from last week against an awful Bills run defense. I like Henderson due to the fact the other WRs are not 100%. NO will have to pass and Henderson has the speed to make some plays. Dunn is intriguing, but he'll get the most carries. Problem is he gets them in the first 3 quarters when the defense is still somewhat fresh. He's banged up so I opt for Houston and Henderson this week.
  11. WDIS - RB

    Tough choices here. I give the nod to Norwood. Rhodes is up and down and if Addai is hot, then Indy will give him the carries and vice-versa. While Norwood will only get 8-10 touches, he's a threat to bust a big one at anytime. He gets the majority of his carries in the 4th and by that time, TB defense will be a bit worn down. I think Norwood gives you the best possibility with Rhodes a close second. Both gambles.
  12. Lineup help

    Thanks Cowboys, sound reasoning. Anyone else?
  13. Coin Flip...

    I think Caldwell is the play here.
  14. Deangelo or KJ?

    I think KJ is the better play this week.