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  2. Anyone else get screwed over?

    EXACTLY!! when the opponent is down and bleeding, then twist the knife and put them out of their misery. I thought the game calling was nothing short of masterful. The Cowboys looked stunned and mentally fatigued. Who runs a reverse to pick up 1-2 yards on 3rd and short? Who kicks an onside kick in that situation? The element of surprise and good play calling was quite evident last night. And I was facing Brees...ouch...but that game plan was one of the best I've seen in a while.

    He's good, but not the number 1. As long as LT is playing like he is, then he's clearly the best Fantasy player.
  4. QB Help

    Rivers v. DEN - It's the LT show and they have good CBs. Alex Smith v. GB - One of the worst defenses in the league against the pass, take the chance? Garrard v. IND - Burned them hard last meeting, but IND ranks third against the pass. Could be the Taylor/MJD show. Need one to start today. Who would you go with? Leave a link or reply and I will gladly return the favor. Thanks!
  5. This is it playoffs

    I agree with this. All 3 have had good success lately and it should continue today.
  6. QB Help

    I need 1 from these guys, so who do you with?
  7. Lineup help

    I'm in a pickle and can't see the forest through the trees. With a win and some help, can get into the playoffs. Need 1 QB: Rivers v. DEN Cutler v. SD Smith v. GB Need 1 RB (Starter is already LJ): Addai v. JAX Norwood v. TB Houston v. BUF Need 1 WR (Starter already Fitz and Henderson): Edwards v. PIT Jones v. IND Berrian v. STL Kennison v. BAL Thanks, will answer all replies in kind.
  8. wdis at WR

    Start Holt and Cotchery.
  9. I think Romo will be fine. At WR I would go with Bryant and Caldwell.
  10. WDIS WRs

    Wayne and Branch. Mason is tempting, but playing in Arrowhead will be difficult and this could be a low scoring game.
  11. I think Houston will be big this week. He could easily duplicate his performance from last week against an awful Bills run defense. I like Henderson due to the fact the other WRs are not 100%. NO will have to pass and Henderson has the speed to make some plays. Dunn is intriguing, but he'll get the most carries. Problem is he gets them in the first 3 quarters when the defense is still somewhat fresh. He's banged up so I opt for Houston and Henderson this week.
  12. WDIS - RB

    Tough choices here. I give the nod to Norwood. Rhodes is up and down and if Addai is hot, then Indy will give him the carries and vice-versa. While Norwood will only get 8-10 touches, he's a threat to bust a big one at anytime. He gets the majority of his carries in the 4th and by that time, TB defense will be a bit worn down. I think Norwood gives you the best possibility with Rhodes a close second. Both gambles.
  13. Lineup help

    Thanks Cowboys, sound reasoning. Anyone else?
  14. Coin Flip...

    I think Caldwell is the play here.
  15. Deangelo or KJ?

    I think KJ is the better play this week.
  16. Javon Walker anybody?

    Based on your choices, I think you have to go with Walker.
  17. Vince Young over Palmer?

    Stay with Palmer. He'll be fine against OAK this week. Plus he'll get plenty of opps as the OAK offense won't be on the field that much. Good game for Palmer this week.
  18. Lineup help

    Still undecided on the WR. Jones v. IND - Can Jones really come close to last week? Can he score again? Edwards v. PIT - Without their 2 starting safeties, is PIT going to be vulnerable to Edwards and the strong armed rookie Anderson tonight? Kennison v. BAL - pretty much ruled him out due to matchup. Berrian v. STL - Bad run defense may mean no need to throw that much and Rex has been awful, but Bernard is a big play threat and could have a nice game. Already starting Fitz and also starting Henderson as I am facing Brees and want to try and limit the damage. Any help is appreciated and I will gladly return the favor. Thanks, Rew
  19. Which 2nd WR?

    I actually Like Cooley. I think MIA has the better defense here and the better LBs.
  20. Which 2nd WR?

    Think I would go Driver. GB will throwing and Favre looks his way a lot.
  21. Larry Johnson or Willie Parker

    GB is bad against the pass, I think SF will be able to throw more than they can run even though Gore has been huge this year. I say go with LJ and FWP. LJ will still get his, even against that BAL defense. And FWP should be fine against CLE.
  22. I agree, I say wayne this week. I think Mathis will be concentrated on Marvin and Wayne will have an easier time of it this week.
  23. WDIS WR

    I am a Boldin fan, but Glenn has been to consistent and is producing week in and week out. Go with Caldwell and Glenn. Caldwell has caught Brady's eye and they seeem to have a good rapport these days. He should be solid as well.
  24. MJD this week. I think JAX is going to have a hard time throwing as IND ranks third against the pass. That means a healthy dose of Fragile Fred and MJD. He'll get enough touches to post good numbers and should be able to find the endzone this week.