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  2. Anybody watching this Live Earth Concert?

    I am doing the cooking on my big ass smoker grill. Steaks. And them I'm going to crank my A/C down to about 70 tonight and sleep under a blanket. Tomorrow I'm going to get up and drive my SUV around all day just for chits and giggles. And 10 years from now the same people who are cashing huge carbon offset checks are going to be the same ones warning us that if we don't do something drastic and immediate, the earth will be covered with a mile thick sheet of ice. An interesting aside. Watched a show called Property Ladder tonight. It's basically a clone of Flip That House. What got me interested in this particular episode was the wifes spectactular cans. Anyways, she was the typical air-headed, dim-witted, pseudo-environmentalist. They bought a trashed house in Simi Valley and wanted to "flip" it while being as "green" as possible. Her ideas were to buy "energy saving" appliances. (Ah, they all say that) She also wanted to buy floor tiles that were made from recycled materials, but when she found out they cost 4 times conventional tiles guess what? Being green wasn't such a big deal anymore when it made too big a dent in the old pocket book. Then they decided that since they would be selling the house in the winter (in Cali) they didn't need central A/C. That went over well with prospective buyers. Then they decided to put solar panels on the roof. But oops, it would be 30 days before they could be installed, so nevermind, waiting that long to put the house on the market would cost too much. Another significant "green" gesture; paint the house a light color. And the coup de gras was - to maximize their "green", they decided to sell the house themselves and save the brokers fees. Several months later it was still unsold and they ended up paying a buyers commission so they could get out from under it, which when added to the months of mortgage payments and other carrying costs, left them with just a few thousand dollars profit. Moral of the story? The "save the planet" hand wringers are real enthsiastic as long as it doesn't cost them anything besides meaningless symbolism and scientifically dubious platitudes.
  3. Anybody watching this Live Earth Concert?

    OK music, stupid idea.
  4. I don't care what you say. . .

    It's not like he really ate it the first time anyways.
  5. Nail Fungus?

    I do the same thing and about 5 years ago it turned into a staph infection. Messed up my fingernails for a long time.
  6. Mom accused of prostituting her 2 daughters

    I used to live in that area when I moved to Houston back in '82. It's changed a bit since then.
  7. A Map

    I don't like Molson.
  8. 80s music mix

  9. 80s music mix

    Village People Queen Culture Club
  10. Pirates of the Carribean III Review

    I slept through the first 2 hours on and off. Of course I was hung over, so maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought.
  11. All I can say is wow, what great news.
  12. Party Idea

    How about having everyone scan pictures before the party and then upload them to a common picture site. Then at the party you can do the album thing without the hassle of doing the scanning then.
  13. The All Growed Up Poll

    I'm not there yet so I can't say.
  14. sent And he knows it's important because he hardly ever hears from me.