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    Fantasy Football, Indycar Racing and Strippers
  1. *** NFL Draft Contest ***

    1 QB, Russell, LSU 2 WR, Johnson, GT 3 QB, Quinn, ND 4 OT, Thomas, Wis 5 RB, Peterson, OK 6 S, Landry, LSU 7 DE, Adams, Clem 8 DE, Anderson, Ark 9 DT, Okoye, Louis 10 OT, Brown, PSU 11 CB, Hall, Mich 12 LB, Willis, Miss 13 DE, Carriker, Neb 14 DT, Branch, Mich 15 CB, Revis, Pit
  2. Betty Ford waved to my son and me today

    Me too. But it's actually 7 in that time span - Harry S. Truman (May 8, 1884 — December 26, 1972) and Dwight Eisenhower (October 14, 1890 – March 28, 1969).
  3. 500 things learned from the tailgate/huddle

    83. Need more cowbell.
  4. Congratulations on a great season #40. A team in my local keeper league lost the first game of the season then won 15 straight to win the title (beating me in the championship game). I think that's the best I've ever seen a team do in any league I ever played in.
  5. MY 10,000th post

    A thread started by Grid at the top - very appropriate. A thread titled "Peyton Manning=overrated?" - some things never change. DMD, no mention of Delp......nevermind I won't go there.
  6. How do you make a living

    Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager. Design HVAC systems and oversee the installations, mostly for K-12 schools.
  7. Would you pay $30.85 to see The Who in concert?

    LOL. Rock and Roll in the 70's....good times. Same here.
  8. That's probably my favorite. George: The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to return soup at a deli!
  9. Doesn't sound fair

    From the Indianapolis Star September 9, 2006: Park Tudor 28, Milan 0 Milan 0 0 0 0 -- 0 Park Tudor 7 0 14 7 -- 28 PT--Micah Johnson 13 pass from Hank Powell (Kevin Roth kick) PT--Eric Dungy 36 pass from Powell (Roth kick) PT--Austin Turner 1 run (Roth kick) PT--Johnson 50 pass from Powell (Roth kick) Receiving -- Milan--Herbert 2-21, Schwanholt 1-4. Park Tudor--Dungy 5-70, Johnson 2-63, Jaskaran Heir 2-32, Charlie Quilhot 1-11, Adam Holt 1-5. ------------------------------------------------------ I believe he is just a freshman (but not certain). Park Tudor is a private high school known more for academics than athletics.
  10. Know-it-All's Quiz

    Did we ever get a definitive answer on the pear in the brandy bottle?
  11. Know-it-All's Quiz

    9. Where are the lakes that are referred to in the Los Angeles Lakers? Minnesota
  12. 2006 NFL Draft Contest

    1 DE, Williams, N.C. State 2 RB, Bush, USC 3 QB, Young, Texas 4 OT, Ferguson, Virginia 5 TE, Davis, Maryland 6 LB, Hawk, Ohio State 7 QB, Leinart, USC 8 DB, Huff, Texas 9 DT, Bunkley, Florida St. 10 QB, Cutler, Vanderbilt 11 WR, Jackson, Florida 12 OT, Justice, USC 13 DE, Wimbley, FSU 14 DT, Ngata, Oregon 15 RB, Williams, Memphis

    I'll play if there are still openings.