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  1. From 6-7 All the Way to the Chip!

    yup. Better matchup, better results over the past few weeks. Lockett had a couple good games but has done nothing since
  2. Brees or Wilson - Week 16 (3rd Place Game)

    Brees has the WAY easier match up. Wilson started hot but hasn't been putting up big numbers for a number of weeks
  3. Need 3.7 from Conner/snell

    you should get it, no problem. They don't use their running game much but I expect Pitt to control this game and hand the ball off a lot in the 4th Q.
  4. Down 6pts. Do I have any chance??

    I would say the odds are not in your favor. Juju is one of 3 primary targets so it's hard to predict who Ben will throw to and even so, usually the targets are spread around so you end up with 5 recpts, 70 yards, maybe a TD. I do expect the Pitt defense to feast on Cinci and their 3rd string QB tonight. Hope you can pull this out but the Pitt Def can easily outscore one of the WR's (not because they are not talented but there are lot's of mouths to feed in that offense)
  5. Fantasy Championship Game - Who Should I Start?

    Tannehill is a good play but you are always potentially limited by the presence of D Henry. Depends what you need - if you are a big underdog, I would lean to Hurts as he has potentially HUGE upside where we can predict, with reasonably accuracy, Tannehill's production. I like Akers alot this week - not sure what to make of this past week's game but the Rams are a run-first offense and Seattle struggles vs. run. For WR's, I like McClaurin. I think DJ Moore is the better of your #1 WR's but has the far tougher matchup. If Kittle's healthy, I would start him. Otherwise, I like Hurst At FLEX, it's a toss-up between Landry and DJ Moore. Lean to Landry due to the match-up and the need for Cleve to keep winning and not let off the gas. I'd strongly consider Wilson as a flex if Mostert is out and no other RB's appear to be in line for work. Good luck!
  6. in order - I like Hilton, Moore (DJ?), Wilson, Hunt
  7. pick 2 - flex, 0.5 pt ppr: M Sanders C Ridley C Kupp
  8. WDIS - Flex and 1 WR

    I don't think Mosert is playing - if he is playing, he is the RB pick. If not, Gallman The only #1 WR you listed is DJ Moore so go that way, otherwise Beasely is next for me
  9. Can I trust Miles Sanders at Flex?

    No. Team is a bit stacked: Starting D Cook, AJ Brown, C Kupp Need to fill one more spot - thinking either Sanders or Ridley. I could start both but would have to swap out AJ Brown or Kupp
  10. Rb/wr/flex

    RB - Davis WR's - Arob, AJ, Ridley Flex - Hilton
  11. Sit Lockett?

    Lockett had a great game earlier this season but has done next to nothing since. Sit him and put C Davis in. Toss up between Davis and Juju for me
  12. Zeke Elliott or Gus Edwards

    I'd have to go Zeke but not comfortable at all. Pollard stole a TD last week but you never know what the RB split will be in Balt. At least with Zeke you know he will get 75% of the carries
  13. I like I Smith If he is gone, go Thomas
  14. WR/RB Advice

    Johnson & Cupp Akers & Hines
  15. Pick 2

    Higgins and Gage