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  1. Mooney? Good start this week?

    Mooney is a great start. A Rob is out again so i'd expect him to be the highest scoring WR from your list
  2. Tough RB decision

    I would not play Hunt in his first week back. I like Pollard and and Stevenson
  3. No. Sanders is better than either, especially Sutton...Sutton has not been reliable. Sanders plays for a better offense that makes no attempt to run the ball....He will get more opportunities
  4. Ingram unlikely to play; who flexes?

    I usually lean towards RB's so Harris (not considering Jones) but OBJ is a high risk/high reward choice... C Davis is not a bad pick either as WIlson will be back and he favored Davis. Still lean slightly to Harris
  5. Knox or gronkowski

  6. which defense?

    TY! Thats good news
  7. Chicago DST...or Philly?

    I would wait to see if Goff plays...if Goff sits I would start Chicago. If Goff is playing, go with Phila. The eagles look very good the rest of the way
  8. which defense?

    Pitt vs. Cinci or Cleve vs Balt
  9. Flex starter - pick 1

    thx - sorry Jefferson vs Chargers
  10. Trade Diggs ??

    Diggs has not hadf anywhere near last seasons impact. Allen has regressed with his stats and Diggs is just a middle of the road WR so far. There is real potential with the 2 WRs youre being offered. If your team is in a tough position, i'd make the trade but it looks good either way. Just gotta keep your fingers crossed that A Brown comes back soon as he appeared to be TB12 fav target
  11. Flex starter - pick 1

    WR - J Jefferson vs Minn or RB - D Henderson vs SF 0.5 pt ppr
  12. Need help with lineup!

    Theilan. Toney. Herbert

    I like Waddle. Cooks was great with Taylor but has dropped since he got hurt
  14. Ridley Trade

    Seems like alot. I know Ridley has done very little this season but you will be giving a top 12 QB and a very strong WR who I believe will have a much better 2nd half of the season. It's not terrible trade but if you could get one more decent player - RB or WR depth, an every week D/ST, that would do it for me.
  15. FLEX - Pick 2 please

    WR M Pittman vs Houston RB K Herbert vs Green Bay RB D Williams vs Washington Thanks