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  1. Hey guys, because of exactly this problem and joining stranger leagues, I now commish my own stranger leagues on ESPN. I always use League Safe with the setting for majority vote approval. So managers all log in, can all see the money and the majority of the league has to vote to approve payouts. I do low level money $20 to $35 max so far. Good fun. Doing 6 leagues this year and am mostly full, but I have a few openings. If anyone wants to get on my email list or get more info, post or send me your email. I am not a scam and wont pester you. I am a solid average joe just like you who loves fantasy football. I have a great manager return rate, meaning owners stay in my leagues year after year. I dont put up with any bs, I end trading 3 weeks before playoffs and I leave all trades for the league to vote on. I dont do any favors or special treatment. A lot of hesitant guys join one of my leagues for a year at like $20 bucks and once they see it is legit and I am an honest commish, they come back and jump in more leagues the following year. I got more than a few dudes in multiple leagues. I do PPR leagues and mostly superflex leagues (option to start 2nd QB) but also have a couple normal flex. You can never be sure when it comes to strangers, but If you want to roll the dice and give it a shot, hit me up. I will send you more info.



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